A to Z of Snapchat for Extended Social Presence

It is going to be half a decade since the inception of Snapchat and it has grown enormously in these years. More than 100 million regular users have joined the league and there are 7 billion video views every day. A lot of reputable companies are now making use of Snapchat to promote their business and interact with the customers.

If you are not well versed with Snapchat, here are some details about the next best social networking site in the market.


Snapchat: An overview

Snapchat is basically a way to share temporary moments in the form of photos, videos and messages. You connect with the viewer spontaneously because the user cannot really scroll through your previous updates. This implies that the photos that you share are not saved. After you view the Snap, it is deleted within 1-10 seconds. Each snap can be modified with captions, filters and drawings to make it more attractive.

The app is all about Snaps, Stories and Chat


What exactly is a Snap?

The momentary photos and videos are referred to as a “Snap”. It actually simulates the behavior and psychology encountered in our day to day life when we meet someone face to face for a few moments.

What is a Story?

Many Snaps together constitute a Story. Stories are different from Snaps in that they are visible to all your followers. They are visible for a day once they are posted. The good news is that there is no limit set for the number of times a follower can watch your story. It is possible to reply to a specific photo or video by swiping up from the bottom of the screen while watching a Snapchat Story.

How to chat?

If you want to chat with your friend on Snapchat, just swipe right on their name from recent Snaps page. Chats are also temporary and are lost after you read them.

snapchat lenses

Make the pictures look more beautiful

  • Lenses

With the help of the feature called “Lenses”, you can add funny animations on your selfie. It is interesting to know that 10 million Snaps make use of this feature daily.

How to use the Lenses?

Press and hold on your face whenever you want to activate Lenses. Before you take a Snap, you can try out the Lenses. Choose one from the bottom row and proceed according to the instructions on the screen.

Sponsored Lenses

You can build your brand on Snapchat with the help of sponsored Lenses and generate more profit for your business.

  • Filters

Once you have taken a picture or recorded a video, you can swipe right and check out the filters.

Multiple filters can also be applied to an image if you hold your finger on the screen and continue to swipe after selecting one filter.


  • Geofilters

Geofilters allow you to access overlays at particular geographic locations.

How to create your own geofilter?

You can submit your own geofilter to Snapchat. Here are some tips for the same.

  1. File format: PNG
  2. Picture size: 1080 pixels width and 1920 pixels height
  3. File size: less than 300 KB
  • On-Demand geofilters

Businesses can benefit a lot by on-demand geofilters that can be used for marketing purposes. You can create an on-demand geofilter for your restaurant or multiplex theatre. It could boost your business to a great extent.

Adding Friends

Tap the ghost icon placed on the camera screen and choose the ‘Add Friends’ option.

It is possible to add friends by Username, from your Address Book, Snapcode or Nearby.

Username: Type the username in the ‘Add by Username’ field and tap on the ‘+’ button to get connected

Address Book: You can search the contact on your phone and check friends who already use Snapchat. SMS invite can also be sent if the person is not on Snapchat.


Snapcode: Just like QR code, adding friends by scanning their Snapcode is also an option. Snapcode can be scanned from someone else’s SnapChat app or from a photo received in Email or instant message.

How to scan a photo for Snapcode?

Tap on ‘Add Friends’ à ‘Add by Snapcode’ à ‘Photos’

Nearby: You can also add SnapChat users who are located near you.

Tap on ‘Add Friends’ à ‘Add Nearby’.

SnapChat will display users nearby.

How to share your username?

You can share your username with everyone so that people can connect with you.

In order to do so, tap on ‘Add Friends’ à ‘Share username’.

A link will be generated that would appear like: – “snapchat.com/add/usrname”.

Sharing this link can allow anyone to add you on Snapchat.

snapchat business

Branding tips

  1. Variety is the key

Make sure you offer a lot of variety through your content and bring out the value of your business. You ought to remember that 45% of SnapChat users are under the age of 25 years. Make sure your Snaps are fun, yet informative.

  1. Make important announcements of Snapchat

Use Snapchat to announce important events or offers. This would help you in attracting new followers and potential customers. Make sure that your updates are appealing for the public so that they wait for them.

  1. Promote Snapchat on other social networking sites

Take help of other social media sites in order to promote your Snapchat. You can let your followers on the more famous sites like Facebook know that you are on Snapchat. Share the screenshots from Snapchat on these websites to bring in more traffic on Snapchat.

  1. Snapchat focused content can be used for business promotion

Snapchat is a content-sensitive site. If you want to promote your business well on Snapchat, make sure that you create content that leaves a long lasting impression in spite of being temporary.


In a nutshell…

Snapchat is the next superhero in the market. Before people rush to this website and exploit it like Facebook, make your business stand out on Snapchat through unique Snaps that impress your followers and help you in engaging even more of them.

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