Yup, They PAY for What You Already DO!!     


There is no business like that of online business.

If you are an online thug, there is more than what you know about making money. You don’t have to dwell solely on self-sustaining methods anymore. There are some fantastic ways of making money if you don’t already know this!

Investment of eight hours a day does not sound a good idea for earning money online. However, there are some websites that pay you for what you are already doing. Such activities include shopping, browsing, watching videos, taking online surveys or playing games. There is no need to work full time to make money going this way. You can simply continue what you are already doing and earn a handsome amount without much of efforts.

Check out the list below to know more such websites.

  1. Shop At Home

It is a cashback website that mainly targets traditional stores such as Walmart, Target, Sears and Macy’s. They also provide cashback at some other stores and websites that make it great for comparison with other websites.

  1. Extrabux

Extrabux includes more than 2000 different stores and offers 30% cashback. You are likely to get a retail shop and earn cashback with the help of this website.

  1. Rebates

With Mr. Rebates, you can have around 30% cashback on almost all the major stores. The standard cashback is 5%.

  1. BestMark

BestMark is a great website that pays you to shop at various places and write reviews. Auto-related shopping is mainly included in this. The main attraction is that they not only pay you for the activity, they also pay you reimbursement for the service.

  1. Second to None

Just like BestMark, Second to None is mystery shopping website. What makes them different is that Second to None targets smaller shops. Compliance on alcohol and tobacco products at specific stores is one of the most important assignments they offer. According to your demography, you can get around 100 dollars by working for few minutes.

  1. Swagbucks

Be it watching videos, taking online surveys or playing games, Swagbucks provides lots of ways to make money. You can earn around 25 to 100 dollars every month on Swagbucks. It even offers you with cashback shopping through SB points that can be redeemed to get free gift cards to Amazon, Walmart and PayPal.

  1. User Testing

User Testing is a wonderful way to earn money while getting entertained. Once you are done with the sign up process, you will have to complete a test video after which you will begin receiving email notifications for new website tests. You will have to complete some tasks on a website as you record your screen and voice. Evaluation of every website fetches you money. It is a job of around 15-20 minutes and you get around 10-15 dollars for each website. Analysia, TryMyUI and Enroll are other similar websites similar to User Testing.

  1. StartUpLift

StartUpLift also pays you for answering questions related to various websites. According to the client requirements, the questions change. Each question gets you 5 dollars.

  1. Perk

With Perk, you can have many ways to earn money. They have several apps, one of which is Perk TV through which you get paid for watching TV at home. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

  1. TopCashBack

TopCashBack offers you 100% commission if you shop through the website. They advertise the stores on their website, get paid by them and in return, they pay you!

  1. FushionCash

FushionCash gives you money for watching videos and many other actions. If you listen to the radio through RadioLoyalty that is a third party service, you get paid for that too.

  1. CashCrate

Just like Swagbucks and Zoombucks, CashCrate pays you to watch videos, play games, shop and try products.

  1. Writing websites

Listverse, Uxbooth, FundsforWriters, TopTenz and iWriter are some of the websites that pay you for writing. Rules on word count and pay are variable according to the website but it is a great idea to make money.

Some important points to remember

Keep a separate email account for such kind of websites so that there is no unnecessary clutter in your inbox.

Do not consider these websites to be a bank. Withdraw your money as soon as possible. You cannot really rely on these websites no matter how popular and trustworthy they are.

Report your income through these websites appropriately and pay taxes regularly to save yourself from income tax issues.

Making money has surely become very easy in this digital era. The websites enumerated above would give you an attractive pay and the best part is that you do not have to work under any kind of pressure. Just sit back, relax, surf through the World Wide Web and make easy money!

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