Young Entrepreneurs, Chuck Your Gadgets for Few Minutes Everyday!!

Modern world is hooked to technology and latest gadgets. This is especially true about the young entrepreneurs who are constantly hooked on to watching movies, playing games or chatting on their smartphones, listening to music on their iPods or reading and searching for information on their iPads and computers.

Agreed, your business may be new and you are going easy with things. But the truth is that excessive use of electronic gadgets can have an adverse effect on your time and health.


Adverse Effects of Gadget Addiction

Studies have proved that spending too much time with gadgets is not good for anyone. More so if you have to be investing time working hard for your business. Some of the most common ill effects of excessive gadget time are as scary as they get.

  • Obesity due to lack of physical activity
  • Sleep disorders
  • Decreased concentration
  • Attention disorder
  • Stress and Depression

These problems can lead to other problems like poor health and improper mental state that could be bad in the long run. Thus, keeping a keen eye on your gadget usage would definitely help.

And How Do We Do That?!!

This is definitely the million dollar question prevailing. Let’s look at some workable solutions.

Creating a Balance

Technology has a lot of benefits and can help in your quest for knowledge and enhance skills. Thus, completely cutting off from the gadgets is also not a good idea. After all, you have to keep tabs on whats trending and what’s going on real time.

Manage Your Gadget Time

Try and chalk out time frames when you can take a break from your phone or tablet. Also, realize that too much time spent with gadgets can lead to poor time management, leaving no time for getting the important tasks done. Utilize your gadget time optimally for work and switch off as soon as its time to take a break.

Reduce The Screen Time

This depends on the kind of honest efforts you make to not play Candy Crush every now and then. Once the screen time is reduced over unnecessary or frivolous usage, take enough short breaks to look away from the screen. You will also address issues related to eye health and headaches this way.


Understand the better benefits staying away from gadgets

There is a lot that changes once you make it a point to manage your gadget addiction. This directly impacts your health and overall well being.

  • Better quality of life with your loved ones
  • Improved concentration on things that matter
  • Enhanced sleep cycles, meaning better waking up and tasks accomplished
  • Balance of life – no more severe addictions that disable the daily functioning
  • Chances for focusing on better things such as creativity, outdoor sport and reading
  • Healthy lifestyle that yields more productivity
  • More space for priorities that matter in life

Turning off the gadgets and taking a break from technology every once in a while has more benefits than what meets the eye. Thus, it is high time that the young entrepreneurs ditch those gadgets once in a while, take a break and reboot for better outcome.

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