Does Working From A Coworking Space Makes A Solopreneur More Productive?

A freelancer or a solopreneur is a self-employed person who offers services to a multiple number of clients or handles his/her own product all alone and might/might not have a remote team.

This lifestyle is largely becoming popular among a huge number of people all over the world. They can travel, enjoy their life, spend more time with family while working instead of doing a 9-5 job.

Now, solorpreneurs definitely want to work from wherever they want, whenever they want. But, can they really work from home?

This is where coworking spaces come into picture. With coworking culture becoming hugely popular, most people can find a coworking space in close proximity to wherever they are, especially in Metro cities.

Here are some benefits that a freelancer gets by working from a coworking space instead from home:

No need to worry about things apart from your business

Many times, solopreneurs get caught in the rut of fixing things that are not core to their business. Things like getting a new chair, fixing the internet or taking calls consume so much time that they aren’t able to concentrate on what they really ought to do. A coworking space takes care of all such tasks like taking care that the internet works, keeping infrastructure in place, giving you reception facilities to attend calls and so on. At least you can concentrate on your core work!

Distraction free environment

While working from home, you are likely to face a huge number of distractions. You want to spend time with the family but also spend time on your work, both of these can’t really be mixed with each other. A better option will be to go to a coworking space nearby and concentrate on work, come back enjoy with family. All without creating distraction between each other.

Freedom to work from anywhere in the world

Several freelancers travel the world while working and making money to support their travels. So whether you are traveling to Bali or the Swiss Alps, you are sure to have good internet and a working environment in the coworking spaces of that area. It solves that doubt of whether you will have internet in the place you are traveling to or not. Will you be able to stay productive while traveling or not.

Networking opportunities

There are no doubts about the numerous networking opportunities that coworking spaces provide. If you are a service provider, you are likely to meet clients at coworking spaces. If you have a product, you are likely to meet service providers. Even if it is not related to direct business, there are many benefits of speaking to other business owners and knowing their experiences.

Staying positive and motivated

During my experience of freelancing, I experienced many instances of loneliness and demotivation. I always wished I had people around me who helped me with business advice or just people who I could get inspired from. At home, your family understands you but not what you are doing. But in a coworking space, there are so many people working day in and day out on their business that it is really very inspiring. Even at those moments of doubt and demotivation, you can just look at 100 other people hustling to achieve their dream and it is enough for you to get up and get going!

So, if you are a one-man-army, coworking spaces might just help you hustle harder. Keep hustling!

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Radhika Sahni is the community manager at She has previously worked in several startup event management companies and has also worked very closely with many coworking spaces, helping them to develop a positive culture within their spaces. Her interests are mostly into startup events, communities and coworking. You can reach out to her at