Is your work-life balance in a complete mess? – Here is the solution!

So there’s no such thing as Work-Life Balance. There’s work, and there’s life, and there’s no balance. – Sheryl Sandberg

Working long hours in the office and early start from home have disturbed the Work-Life balance for many professionals, especially – Working Women. Yes, working ladies who are HOMEMAKERS once they reach home and DIE-HARD PROFESSIONALS once they are in office would always feel a pull from both sides. It may look simple to the outsider but little imbalance on either side would make the person topple. Many mothers and wives have found the simple way to deal with it by selecting their home over office. Yes, there are many qualified women sitting at home due to this balancing issue but you may not be the one amongst them as we have brought here the SOLUTION!

Here are the few things that will bring your work-life balance back on track –

  • Stop looking out for ways to run away – When the problem seems to be difficult then easiest solution would be to run away but never do that. Believe that this is the only way it has to happen and if you want to survive then you have to fight it out. There is no road to return once you run away from the situation, hence look for the solution that helps you establish the right balance. You will fight it out only when you are out of options, so write off all the options of running away and then implement the solution. – Running away from the problem is not the solution to the problem!
  • Accept that you need extra help – We all love the superman movies and “saas-bahu” sagas, but real life is different. You will love to have ten hands but pity that you have only two and you would require extra help to make it TEN. The super bahu in your favorite daily soap is just a well- written character or the work of a good actor on screen, but real life is bit different. You don’t have to be the best cook, cleaner, laundry person, nurse and everything that your favorite bahu does as you have your human limitations and it is better that you accept it before you lose it all!!!
  • Share your problems with your manager – Occasional work from home facility for women is quite popular and you can talk it with your manager as s/he will understand. The HR rules are supporting the women due to their dual shifts and you can use them in your favor. This doesn’t mean that you take undue advantage of these rules, but putting your 100% from home would help you balance both the roles well.
  • Say ‘No’ when you mean so – It is difficult to say no to the person you love or your dear friend for an outing, kitty party or entertaining guests in weekdays, but don’t forget that you have just 24 hours in a day and you won’t get extra! Better say ‘no’ when it is not possible as saying ‘yes’ for something impossible would increase your stress and would be of no help.

Your work is precious and life is invaluable, establish the right balance to enjoy the best of both worlds!

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