Work Factory – The Smart Coworking Space in Palestine

Palestine is soon entering the league of promising startups and business ventures. The coworking revolution had already begun, and Work Factory gives great momentum to the process.

Work Factory, Ramallah’s smart coworking space intends to address the unemployment problem in Palestine, by encouraging young startups to grow into job generating businesses.

The space that was launched by Mohammed Khateeb in July 2014 was envisioned purely with an idea to create a holistic environment where entrepreneurs could join up and produce some successful businesses. These businesses in turn would generate employment in the region, which is the main end goal of the plan.

Work Factory is a five storeyed building located in the prime industrial zone of Ramallah. Funded by Bridge Development Group, the space offers convenient options to the startup entrepreneurs. Users pay a monthly fee to make use of the space and services, even rent out to other players.

Md Khateeb is now reaching closer to his goal, as the startups working out of Work Factory have already created over 15 jobs till date.


Startup Mission Palestine

With startups growing everywhere in number, Palestine has been badly in need of an affordable coworking space. The idea that was inducted in 2011 did not fly as higher as expected at first, thanks to the inexperienced founders and a frail business model. Later, Ezone was launched in the year 2013, claiming to be a mini tech park that provided rented space for eight startups and holding community events.

Other working spaces in the area include Bethlehem Business Incubator, which is more of an open hub to incubate and mentor startups; and Vecbox, a ‘hackerspace’ that promotes civic tech and digital rights in Palestine.

Work Factory aims to become less reliant on Israel, by building businesses that could support Palestinian ideas and the youth operating in the occupied territories.


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