Why you must get a Job if you want to be an Entrepreneur?

Why should I get a job if I want to be an entrepreneur? Yes, that is the question that might have hit you after reading the title, and I know you will have very good reasons in support of that. You want to set your own rules, want to be your own boss, and also believe you are the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. You might as well be those great minds and probably also succeed in your venture just as they did if you have already struck the gold mine and are growing exponentially in your business.

But sadly the harsh truth is that 99% of the entrepreneurs don’t fall into the same league as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, and changing the world without any sort of on-the-job training or experience is going to do more harm than good. If you know you are in this 99%, then there are several good reasons why you must press pause on your entrepreneurial dream. Not for very long, but just a few years till you can gain some invaluable experience by working at some of the great companies or startups.

The truth is that getting a job can sometimes help you get closer to your empire-building dreams than they would otherwise. Although we are always told there is no failure but only valuable lessons that you learn from your mistakes, you still want to succeed and make it to the top in any case. So, unless your train is already running at the top speed and taking you where you always wanted to be with your entrepreneurial goals, maybe a job is what will help you realize your aspirations better. So to make you understand more here is why you must get a job before stepping on to becoming an entrepreneur.

You Gain Industry Knowledge

Now, this is a no-brainer. No matter what kind of job you do, you will always learn few aspects of that industry. If you have made a right choice and are in the same industry as you would want your venture to be, then you have gained access to some great industry knowledge that very few would get. This is the time when you can analyze the pain points and work around with various complex problems that companies in this industry must tackle. This will help you to explore various sides of the industry while you acquire plenty of knowledge, which the company can’t lay claims on once you have left.

Builds up Your Network

By network, I don’t mean the ones you form on Facebook or Twitter, but real life network of people that will be the key to your success. Working in an organization, whether it is a big firm or just another startup, you are bound to interact with several people and also perhaps rub shoulders with those who share same interests as you. This network that you can build when you are working is not really possible if you plan to directly jump into becoming an entrepreneur. You never know, maybe your ex-employer will become one of your customers, you perhaps may find your partners and co-founders in the same company, have knowledge and access to the distributors, suppliers and also customers, and also you would know well who should be hired and who should be avoided. Of course, this does not mean you should cheat your employer by stealing their business, but you can always build a bond with them so that they can also gain from the relationship.

You Earn Money

This is one of the biggest advantages of getting a job before you step into becoming an entrepreneur. If you are talented and have valuable skill sets that are most desirable by many companies then mind you, you would be making a lot of money which will then be useful to creating a solid base for your next startup move. You can save as much as 40% of your salary by cutting down on unnecessary expenses. The money that you save during this time will come real handy when you need to get your company off the ground.

Learning While Earning

There are hardly any places in the world that would teach you anything for free, and more importantly give you money to learn something. This is one of the best parts about working for a company as you are not only getting free training, but you also earn in terms of salaries and other components as you become a trained professional who can then apply the knowledge to work. You will learn a lot of things by just doing your normal 9-5 job. The only thing that is required from you is to be attentive and absorb every kind of knowledge that comes your way.

You Learn Your Expertise

Getting your hands dirty early on the road is always helpful because you then know what lies ahead. When you plan to start your own company, there are several aspects of the business that needs to be managed. But do you know what you are good at? When you are working at some organization it helps you to learn what you are good at and what is not the cup of your tea. This knowledge will be very useful later when you have to build your team for your startup. Not only that but doing a job is a good testing ground to understand what you’re really interested in doing. You can even experiment with certain theories and logic and see whether those really work in controlled environments, so that when you really want to use them in your business you can do it without holding back.

You Learn How to Run a Business

Running a business is no joke and requires a different set of talent and skills. When you work in an organization you understand various aspects of business. Whether it is sales or managing the finances, you get an overview of various functions that make an organization what it is today. This experience is what will teach you how to run your own business, and once you have got your foot in the door you can always update and transform the products/services and markets.

Even though the above reasons tell you a lot about the benefits of why you must take up a job, it should also not be so that you forget about your startup altogether. Take the benefits that your job offers you and also do your bit of giving back to the company when you are quitting by serving the notice period and lending out a helping hand wherever possible to keep things running smoothly around the workplace.

While there are many young CEOs who are becoming founders of their own companies right after the college or quitting the college altogether, there are many successful entrepreneurs who have spent their time learning on the job and getting the needed training. I believe that these individuals with at least few years of work experience are always in a better position to understand the market, the product line, and also themselves when they can use this knowledge to steer towards success.

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