Moment Of Realization When You Know What You Want Your Tomorrows To Be!

After years of working in finance, Vanessa began to question life, and came to the realization that it needed to change. From consumer accounts for many large banking firms, Vanessa began her new journey as a climber—first novice and now record holder.

I could totally relate this video to a life of a startup! Everyone who’s attempted to build a startup knows it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s often embellished in mainstream media (ping pong tables, and free lunches, and sweatpants to work!) — but the realities of startup life are far from glamorous.

In the past several years, it’s felt almost “trendy” to start a company. Unfortunately, many startups fail and founders flounder, partially as a result of the inevitable clash between expectations and reality.

Everyone discovers their vision and hope for the future in different ways. For some, it’s a sudden epiphany. For others, it’s a long held conviction. But all men and women, at some point, have that moment of realization when they know what they want their tomorrows to be.

This film illustrates the pivotal moments that led to Vanessa’s evolution and ability to grasp a different kind of tomorrow.

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