Why Freelance Entrepreneurs get More Done in a Day

Freelance Entrepreneurs – You Know the Task and the Timing 


You are a freelance entrepreneur. Most of your team freelances. You are the lone wolf. Celebrate this achievement, because you are getting more work done in a day than any other swanky office.

It’s true. People who operate on a freelance basis and provide services to several clients without the whole shebang of large teams in place actually end up making more money. Those who consider this pack a miserable one, get the facts right – a lot of operational deployment happens with this arrangement.

Freelance vendors manage work twice as effective as compared to the traditional startup set ups. There is a flip side too. Scalability becomes a question. However, once you rake the profits, scaling up can wait in good time.

Why Freelance Vendors Get More Done In a Day

Better Planning

You wake up and plan on your own. You deploy work to your freelance teams and chase up on an EOD basis. Your planning is sorted and so is your delivery, this aside the inevitable escalations whenever they happen on account of non-delivery.

Seamless Task Management

As a freelance vendor, your tasks become seamless. There are no conflicting external or internal forces. You give and seek space. Tasks for the day are organised if the clients are standardised. There is absolutely no drama or tension of strategy, debate, arguments etc. All is in order. If the work’s done on time, you will also go and catch a matinee in the nearest multiplex!

Good Riddance to Useless Meetings

There are two kinds of meetings in the world – productive and unproductive. Productive meetings happen in case of escalations, important strategic changes and new project sign ups. As a freelance vendor, you skype away all of them in great timing. You are the Superman of tidings. There are no unproductive sessions where everything else except the strategy is discussed in the name of team work.

Increased Business with Word of Mouth

According to me, it’s all a simple Mantra; deliver on time or close to calamity, and your work will be spoken of. You will start getting more business with sheer word of mouth. As a freelance vendor, you are not put to the tedious process of hard selling – not unless you were taking it all way too easy and now the business needs a push.

No Excess Spending

There is not excess money spent on inventory, space or facilities. Freelance vendors can even work from under a tree! A small office with no distraction arrangement is what helps to get things done in a day.

No Bad Vibes

You are not exposed to the team directly. Your team loves you, even though there are no real time ‘Aww’ moments. You give them enough space, reprimand in case of non-delivery and keep them afloat – you are sorted with absolutely zero people issues.

Perfect for Creative Recluses

Creative recluses excel because of this arrangement – plenty of space, no extra time invested on people management or logistics and all the creative juice at a better disposal. This is precisely why creative freelance vendors refuse to scale up and complicate stuff. They love their business arrangement when it is fetching enough.

There would come a point when business has to be scaled. Being a freelance vendor at first gives you an opportunity to channel your energy and dedication better. Unless you feel that it is absolutely not required, scaling up will mean slight adapting with improved learning.


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