Why Business Rookies Should Follow LinkedIn Etiquette

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking platforms today. Businesses whether small or big, professionals from CEO to managers use them to network and build professional relationship through it. However, there are business rookies who don’t know how to use it. The lack of etiquette portrays bad impression. There are no certain rules to follow, but yes when you are networking on LinkedIn it will do good to show some etiquette.

This article will guide you on how to use LinkedIn for businesses and for your personal networking by outlining some of the most tried methods.

LinkedIn Connect

Your LinkedIn Etiquette Says That You Should:

Complete Your Profile

The majority of the business owners and professionals are too lazy when it comes to updating their LinkedIn profile. The platform is one of the most searchable databases, and your profile may be the only chance to make a first impression. Ensure that your profile is 100% complete.

Be Doubly Sure Before You Connect

Do not send the “connection” requests randomly. Before you connect, do a little bit of research and see whether the connection you are adding is relevant or not.

Use Your Contacts For The Sales Process

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform that offers innumerable opportunities for networking. Make the most of it by proactively connecting with potential clients, strategic alliances, networking contacts etc.

Personalize Your Connection Request

Personalize your message when you are sending an “Add” request. Short and sweet is just fine.

Organize Your LinkedIn Request

As your connection list grows, you may find that the name starts running together. To not to make a mess of this, keep your connection list organized by using “tags” to identify the contacts.

No “Pet” Pictures, Thoughts or Prayers, or Personal Updates

Remember LinkedIn is a professional platform, hence it is very much important to have a specific impression to maintain. Leave your personal stuff and posting for the Facebook.

Do NOT Send Mass Requests for Recommendations and Endorsements

If you are looking for people to recommend or endorse your skills, ensure that you are tapping the correct crowd who is familiar with your work. Reaching out to the known people and personally asking them for the recommendation is a good way to seek limelight at LinkedIn.

Update Your Photo with Time

We all like to look young, but using the same picture that you have while joining LinkedIn 5 years ago isn’t a good idea. Update your profile picture as well as your work details on a time to time basis.

Take a Call While Accepting Invitations from the Connections You Don’t Know

How many times you have received the request to add somebody who is meaningless to you? Perhaps, you shouldn’t be accepting the invitations unless, that person doesn’t include a personal message explaining the reason for the connect.

Be Approachable

If you are on the LinkedIn for networking and expanding your business, you shouldn’t be hiding. People should be able to reach you as you may miss out some great opportunities. Add your contact information so that people can reach you easily.

Use LinkedIn wisely and strategically for your business needs and growth. The scope is plenty, as long as you are looking in the right direction.

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