Which ‘BOURNE’ Leader Are You?

Entrepreneurs who love watching amazing action Hollywood flicks, the famous Bourne series is not unknown. Some of us would have read the world popular Robert Ludlum series, and some of us would have directly watched Matt Damon evolve as an actor with his Jason Bourne character. Bourne Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum are the direct adaptations from the Ludlum books while the later parts like Legacy have been added up to continue the rage.

If you have closely watched different characters who portray varied roles from CIA heads to killer assets in the series, dose of leadership style is often caught onto their personality. These characters have become famous because of their sheer uniqueness and identity.

Let us delve into these characters and understand what kind of leaders they are, and most importantly, if you are ‘them’.

Ward Abbott – Operation Treadstone

Leadership Traits – Independent Leader, Less Control, More Trust Issues


Abbott is one of the key CIA personnel who oversees the shady operation called Treadstone. Abbott’s character is not at depth but very important. He is never really the key decision maker, but is involved in the circle of events and is made to choose the ultimate path. He is an independent, who runs alone, but also brings in a close aide every now and then into the project.

Alexander Conklin – CIA Officer

Leadership Traits – Bureaucratic leader, less approachable, more trust issues, double faced leader


Conklin is one of the super negative examples to understand and not be. He has an ulterior motive to kill his resource despite the fact that the latter suffers amnesia. Conklin’s example for an entrepreneur is extremely dangerous. Such attributes do not reap in the desired outcomes. You will end up making more enemies than friends down the line.

Pamela Landy – CIA Officer, Special Projects

Leadership Traits – People’s Leader, Takes Accountability, Approachable, Trustworthy, Observant, Wins many Hearts


Pam Landy is easily the main highlight of the entire series, right after Jason Bourne himself. This is mostly attributed to the fact that she is showcased as one of the only officers who holds accountability, feels responsible and really cares for her team. One of the scenes in the Bourne Ultimatum where Landy argues with Vosen to spare Nicky Parsons and leave her out of the operation evidently showcases one of the most brilliant leadership traits. Landy is also extremely observant, tracks down every detail and arrives at accurate solutions.

Noah Vosen – CIA Officer

Leadership Traits – Extreme task master, Less Accountability, Makes hasty decisions, does not listen to the team, does not consider the outcomes for irrational strategies.


Vosen is yet another remarkable officer shown in the series. He acts in haste, does not care for the means but looks at the final outcome. Deliveries matter to him the most than other factors such as logic, consideration and feelings. Vosen’s extreme task mastery was well shown in the third instalment, Bourne Ultimatum. These are the leaders who often find themselves at loggerheads with the leaders who work in the interest of their teams. Vosen vs Landy is an obvious hit and a visual feast for the eye.

Ezra Kramer – CIA Head

Leadership Traits – Autocratic leader, double faced, has a personal agenda, less trustworthy


It is pretty evident with Kramer’s character that no sane entrepreneur would want to be a leader like him. There is no success oriented approach towards any mission. Kramer simply puts lives in line to get away with what he wants. Such attitude does not fetch great outcomes in business, forget alone fictional CIA set ups. Unfortunately, there are entrepreneurs like Kramer, too. If you are one of them, be honest to self and let welcome be the change.

Entrepreneurs are the leaders who steer their ship with full responsibility. The traits that they apply on the job greatly affect the final output. Better be the good leaders from the Bourne series. Am I right or am I right?


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