When & How to Raise Venture Capital

If your startup is growing, at some point you will likely be seeking venture capital.

Most founders feel like their ideas are amazing and worthy of an investment. The reality is that most ideas are worthy of some kind of investment, but not necessarily worthy of a venture investment. Simply put, different businesses have different potential and because of that the amount of capital that makes sense to invest in them varies. A small business, such as a restaurant, can get a bank loan, but it is not a great venture investment because the upside is typically small. Remember Starting Business with ZERO Funding? Totally Doable!

Venture capitalists are looking to deploy millions of dollars, and they are looking for multiple times return on that capital. That is why, in addition to founders, VCs focus heavily on the size of the market. If they don’t believe the market is large enough, they won’t invest.

Presenting Frank Rimalovski‘s “When & How to Raise Venture Capital” workshop slides from the 2016 NYU Entrepreneurs Festival.

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