What To Do When People Underestimate You

Finally the realization hit me few years back and I have been really a downer to not to accept such a simple fact……”You can’t base your life on other people’s expectations”. There is no end to this competition and winning seems to be an impossible task.

No matter what I was doing, the ordinary seems to be extraordinary and extraordinary seems to be unbeatable to those who look at me first. As a child, this was the impression that I had – I cannot do a single task single handedly, I require help to do basic things in life, I am no brainer like my sibling and since I lack the “self-confidence” abilities I will have to manage with what I am getting & will always have to compromise with what I am approached.


Well, these are not the drawn conclusions on my part that I am imparting here; I have been told these very things straight on my face – Letting everyone know my lack of vision.

I have witnessed this in not just my case, but this “Underestimating” has pricked many of us. It is very easy for someone to pick up one small fact about other person and immediately start underestimating them without knowing the facts……the real truth behind it. Because of this, many of us are still underestimated for those circumstances which are completely out of control and this could be:

  • Because you are always shuffling your jobs, and you are constantly on the lookout for a new career
  • You are still treated as an entry level position, inexperience and people don’t take you seriously
  • You have a mental or physical ability
  • You are unmarried or young or not financially stable and the baby is on the way
  • You find yourself in a career that the PLANET thinks will yield no return

The above mentioned reasons were too few that I witnessed, but the list could be endless why you are tagged as a “Downer”.


Even though you are talented, uniquely talented person but that one small circumstance has that ability to bring you down in the eyes of world. However, those moral support quotes are never helpful….about not listen to the negative comments bla bla bla… but actually it is very tough when day after day we are told that we are less than what we actually are.

With the time, I have learned incredible lessons about being “Underestimated” and have learned how to combat the pressure of being “Un-appreciated”. I have pen down some actionable steps for those who are pulled down and looked like they are no more wanted on the Earth……just remember YOU TOO ARE MEANT TO BE HAPPY!!!


If you don’t value your worth – NOBODY DOES

It’s a bare, cold truth to accept. It might be very easy to convey but toughest to practice. When others tells us that we are not good and valuable, we get into that mindset very easily of believing them.

You have to cautiously, intentionally know how valuable you are. How? Read on….

Stop comparing with others

With so much our life has gone online and social media platforms gives us an instant access to everybody’s life. It is hard not to compare, but here you have to practice reverse situation. The most important thing to remember is you see all goody…goody things on social media like Facebook, but have you noticed somebody crying or flaunting their problems, their bad days on it…No you haven’t so now you know how to react.

You need not PLEASE – Over prioritizing the opinions of others…I mean Why on Earth?

It’s good to feel that people care about you and always ahead in giving their expertise advice, well to some extent it is fine but over prioritizing them is developing a nuisance in your life. I have everything I wanted, except FREEDOM TO THINK…which was bizarreee…. I used to put so much weight on opinions and problems and try to fulfill as much as possible but in the end what I was getting —— UNHAPPINESS. I did not had a freedom to take up the charge and do whatever I feel like because I am not so GOOD. Underestimating people kills their confidence and that’s what happened to me.

It’s time to start thinking about yourself – start putting your needs first. Make YOURSELF a priority because YOU ARE MEANT TO BE HAPPY.

girl garden

You are sticking with the wrong CROWD

This makes hell of a difference in the mindset you develop. Are these people, your friends, your colleagues, your social circle brings positivity in you or just have fun bringing you down all the time? It is important to surround yourself with the crowd who lift you up and support you. You can’t expect to dance with a devil and question why are you still in hell. It’s wrong – Don’t get fooled, thinking that you have to keep certain people in your life because well there are end number of reasons which obviously I am done thinking over it.

And Lastly….tell you what…..

There is a secret here….the people who are underestimating you think that they know something substantial about you however, have that home court advantage to yourself…you know more about yourself than anyone else ever can….. At the end of the day, you are in control, no matter what others think you are the one with the plan for your life and no one else and most importantly you are the only ONE who can prove them wrong….but that’s okay you don’t have to come up with some sci-fi plan to prove them but only if you can prove to yourself will be all worth the effort that you are putting in for yourself.

It is a small word “Stay strong” and you never know the wonders that you can make happen. Believe me.



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