What Kind of a Startup Marketing Superhero Are You?

While lack of budgets and resources can rain on any startup entrepreneur’s parade, we are seeing several startup companies get crafty to invest under best marketing umbrella. Marketing isn’t just about science, art or technology. It’s a strategy of its own. It is about innovating the way we connect with our data sources, using information in a way that helps us to add value to the audience.

It has been proved that many startup superheroes are like any other entrepreneurs. They have their strength and weaknesses, but what makes them fall under the “SUPER HERO” category is that they manage to focus on developing their strengths to the point where weaknesses don’t matter.

Using these superhero characteristics as an inspiration, you can determine which superhero you resemble the most:

The Quantum Qualifier

You delicately balance the science and art of modern marketing. You are keenly focused on data analysis and metrics. You very well understand how to integrate your team’s effort to drive the sales and keep the leads flowing.

The Whispering Wizard
You are pro at everything. You managed to do it all- although how and at what it costs is still a mystery. You operate on the down and low and maybe using your secret resources to support your efforts. You have the right mindset to understand what works and what needs fine tuning.

The Morphing Marketer
You are an ultimate multi-tasker. You know how to move the needle by playing varied roles that contribute to your company’s success. The words, “not my department” don’t exists for you. You have the enthusiasm and passion to head on and conquer the world. You very well understand what works better, which will keep your business on the right track and repeats the process for further success.

Dr. Data
Ever since you augmented your mind has been a cybernetic super being. You have that ability to drive into raw data and pull out the insights that no one would think of. You know the data and metrics that matters a lot to your company and you refuse to rely on the hunches or the instincts to arrive at your conclusions.

The Tough Breaker
You are more about breaking the deals and getting the business. You are passionate about finances, bringing in the business and expanding the same. You harness the power through various influences – right from usual socializing to sensing the competition in the business world and social media marketing. You can do it all.

Every entrepreneur, whether big or small has been a marketer at one point of time before tasting success. It comes with an experience and the mistakes that have been learnt throughout the process.

Being a marketer is tough, but being a super hero takes serious creativity, ROI, adaptability, data love, and passion for customer-centric values.

The above mentioned super hero characteristics apply to the marketers who fight tough competition. It is very well said that with the great power comes a great responsibility to become successful.

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