What Is Lead Generation and Why Is It Important?

Starting a business is a lot of hard work, but the hard kicks-off when you need to have customers, rather paying customers for the product or services that you are selling.

You might have introduced a new product or service in the market that people don’t know about. What is the most important thing that is needed after such an introduction? In simple words, you will need to generate a lead.

What is lead generation?

This is a common question that tends to hover among people and is very common these days. Lead generating is a marketing process of motivating and acquiring the interest of the customers and that in turn propels the sales of a particular product.

Nobody likes a random call from the telemarketer calling you for your preferred kitchen stove choices. It is not only frustrating but, the number takes the shape of spam after some time. Lead generation is just the opposite; it is the way of converting total strangers into favourable customers by attracting them with various necessities so that they become eager in listening to you.

Importance of lead generation:

There are various phases of sales generation but due to a huge paradigm shift in the basic buying and selling platform as the digital channel, these days lead generation have become very important.

Lead generation is a marketing strategy that not only reaches out to specific customers but also turns the audiences and indirectly convinces them to listen to you. It actually gets involved with all the necessities that surround one need. Say, for example, you sell craft items, with an addition of selling craft items you go on and write a blog on “DIY Ways of Creating Simple Crafts with Craft Items”.

This way you will not only introduce ways of creating crafts but rather you will develop a confidence among the audience that you not only sell craft items but you have knowledge on crafts. This information, in turn, develops an interested audience who want to listen to you and you won’t have to force feed them.

How Do You Effectively Use It?

With the huge changes in the way a consumer perceives these days, lead generation can leave a lasting impact on your business. Not only do you get a regular customer in them but increase the chances of acquiring more consumers through those satisfied consumers. The bridge is very simple.

You attract complete strangers with the help of blogs and social publishing. In turn, you turn them into visitors.

With call-to-action, forms and landing pages these visitors are eventually turned into leads and from those leads with the help of emails, discounts and goodies they turn out to be potential customers rather actual purchasers. Later these customers will contribute to being your biggest promoters.

Engaging in marketing will lead to potential leads. Without leads, there are lesser chances to get hold of customers. Just identifying the leads is not where the work ends, the work actually begins there. You need to nurture those leads to turn them into customers from strangers. You are not to compel the consumers to buy your product but rather by designing your marketing strategy in such a way that the consumers end up buying your product on free will.

The Top Lead Generation Strategies You Can Use

If your business isn’t online, it is going to fade into the darkness and if it is online, you can’t ignore the power of SEO. Here are some quick tips to get your online presence search engine optimized:

  • Keyword Research: Keywords are the most important factor in optimizing your webpage so that it can get good ranking on search engines. Do a good research on what keywords work best for your niche and insert them in the right places in the title and description, and also in the URL.
  • Create good content: Creating the same content as your competitors won’t get you anywhere. Create interesting and unique content that will get you good incoming traffic and keep your audience engaged.
  • Build links: Build links from authority sites and local search sites in your geographical area. Also, use social media to market your brand. When on social media, interact with consumers and try not to spam.

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are several things that you need to do. Most of you need to keep revising your strategies. But, for a start, the above listed are the basic pointers you need to remember.

How to Generate Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a marketing strategy designed to bring in and retain all kinds of customers. Here are the steps to create your online sales funnel:

  • Create a landing page: The landing page is the first impression and a good landing page is one which generates visitors’ interest and encourages them to sign up for something.
  • Present a front end and a back-end offer: Give your potential customers a front-end offer that creates a desire to make a purchase. For those who just made a purchase, present a back-end offer like an upgrade or an extra service.
  • Downsizing options: For customers that cannot afford your product – direct them to a product that falls in their price range and keep them interested.

A sales funnel basically puts the bigger customers at the top of the funnel and the small buyers at the bottom, thus retaining and catering to all customers.

How to Build an Email List 

An email list is one of the biggest marketing assets of a business. With an email list, you can create a strategic email marketing campaign. Here is how you can create one for your business:

  • You can capture emails by including it in your checkout process
  • Request emails by adding a lead magnet
  • Capture emails upon account creation
  • Encourage customers to sign up by offering something such as an E-book in exchange for their email
  • Have your customer service representatives take the email addresses when customers call them

By obtaining email addresses, you can create long-term and profitable relationships with your customers.

Market Your List 

Once you have built your email list, you need to start using it for marketing. Send your subscribers updates about what’s new on your webpage and exciting things they can look forward to. Use a catchy title for the emails; it should clearly indicate what’s in it for the subscribers. Insert visual cues in your email content that makes it easier to understand and keeps the subscribers interested.

Another way of marketing your email list in inserting share buttons in the mail, so that subscribers can easily share it on social media and in their circle. Do not forget to include a call-to-action when you do so – subscribers won’t automatically take action themselves.

Another good way to go about this is by offering a subscriber-only access. Everyone loves the feeling of exclusivity. It could be anything from a discount to an eBook or any other useful piece of content. You can give them more choices by offering levels of subscription as well. Make use of opt-in forms and leverage testimonials. It does take time but the end results can be quite in your favor.

Getting feedback from the consumers is another way of nurturing the lead so that they come back to you and promote the product or services that you are selling. So, all you need to do is test your marketing strategies and find out the best way to turn a complete stranger into a lead who in turn will be your customer.

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