From ‘Wanting’ to ‘Making’ – True MAGIC of Running a Startup

There is a lot that goes on between wanting to become a businessperson to actually becoming one. Running a startup, whether scalable or not, is a sense of achievement. The dream turned into reality, with passion thrown in. You will find yourself working tirelessly on the mission. You will not count Saturdays and Sundays. You will gladly invest your blood, sweat and tears.

Running business startups that fuel your real inner passion will be inadvertent successes. Why? The reason being plain simple – they get the best out of YOU!


The travel between ‘Wanting’ and ‘Making’

You travel a great distance in your mind and time while turning into an entrepreneur from a wantrepreneur. You start forming questions, collecting answers. You find yourself doing a lot of research each single day. You will see someone evolving straight up from the scratch – YOU!!

A REAL Sense of Winning

When you make your startup happen in reality, you FEEL the win. You get the hang of real emotions attached while accomplishing something on your own. You will see yourself, standing away from the Rat Race, above it, to be precise.

You Get to CHOOSE

There are choices being an entrepreneur – you will get to decide how much to invest, what to invest and when to yield. You take onus of the decisions that were otherwise used up by some organization minting billions. This time, your decisions will have the power to mint for you.


You SEE through the Passion

When you start something with passion, you will gather people with similar passion who will work along with you. You will see through their dreams that concord with your own. Startup entrepreneurs are the rookies – they are raw, untamed and raring to go. You will become one of them along with ten others who will learn from you.

You DECODE the magic of entrepreneurship

All this while, this would have been all on paper or in dreams – work life balance, more money, work that stimulates, people who prosper, successful liaisons and limitless persuasions. You will start decoding the spirit of entrepreneurship after going on your own. You will invest a little, lose some, you will invest more, or sometimes, you will invest nothing at all to make it happen. You will see it happening after that much needed seeding time filled with struggle.


You UNDERSTAND Supporting Livelihoods

So far, you have been drawing a regular salary. Now, you will find yourself paying others to get things done. Sometimes you take the margin, and other times you are broke. But you will feel powerful and useful, supporting livelihoods and supporting someone else through your own dream.

You are NOT scared anymore

Yes! Yes!

You feel powerful, self-sustained, invincible, making money out of your passion. You will be not be threatened, you will not be crushed and more importantly, nobody will have the power or audacity to FIRE you. That is the magic of business. You do it right once, there are ten projects waiting in line to be touched by you.

Understand how valuable you have become as a startup entrepreneur – to yourself as the world at large. Stay motivated, stay grounded and go for your passion. It will happen.

This is no myth. It is already happening with me.




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