Want to be a Great Entrepreneur? You should learn to Code!

There are always people who would debate, whether learning to code is really important and if it should be one of the skills that everyone must know. Many people treat and even believe that programming is a skill that only some can possess. You either have it, or you don’t. However, that’s not true. Before I delve into why entrepreneurs should learn to code, check out this short film that tells you a little more about why we all should learn to code.

People do say that since there are many tools and software that allow you to generate code and do the tasks that you wanted to accomplish by simple drag and drop actions, then why should we learn to code? Even though that is true and I agree that tools are truly great, they cannot give you the same result as a customized piece of code would do. When you must develop something intricate, something powerful, or in other words something “mind-blowing”, then that can only be achieved through a piece of good code.

There was a time when software development used to be taught when you took up those courses in college. But now, C and C++ are being taught to school kids in 6th and 7th grades. What we all need to understand is that programming is just like any other skill which can be learned. Yes, it does require a range of aptitude and proficiency, but this range is wide enough to accommodate a huge group.

Although there are many successful entrepreneurs who do not code, but they will tell you that they do wish they could code, at least a little. Of course, programming skills aren’t everything and every startup can outsource the talent if needed, but when the entrepreneurs know coding or even the basic programming concepts, it changes the game altogether. It will not only help them understand their own platforms better and save costs in the earlier days but will also help in pitching the business to the investors. Besides, investors do seem to have a liking towards those who know coding.

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Even if your business is not about e-commerce and isn’t a tech startup, you will still require some sort of website and systems for your company to function, and it is then that your programming skills will come handy. So here are 3 reasons why entrepreneurs must learn to code.

Bridges the Gap with tech

It is known that there is usually a wide gap between the development team and the business operations team, which becomes the reason for mis-communications, misunderstandings, frustrations and eventually leads to mistakes. If you as an entrepreneur, who manages the business side, know how to code or even simply has grasps on the programming basics, then it can do a lot good to bridge this unwanted gap. Smoother the communications are, better will be the understanding amongst the teams and thus you will get better output.

Learning to code is no different to learning a new language. If you were to move and launch your business in Spain or Mexico, you sure would learn some Spanish. Thus, programming is no different, because the better you understand the language of technology, you will be in a better spot to make decisions.

Develops Critical Thinking

Every decision has an impact on the business and so you should be good at making decisions even under pressure. Coding forces your brain to think critically and solve problems in the most efficient way and that is what you need when building a business. As an entrepreneur, you want to make wise decisions and critical thinking is what will guide you in doing that.

Coding keeps you sharp, as you are always trying to solve problems and finding different ways to make it effective. It helps you think logically and guides you in breaking down the problem into controllable items, thus solving them by “bytes”.

Saving time and money by building Prototype

Before you come up with an actual product to sell, you would want to make a prototype. Whether it is a software prototype or just a model of something that you would be selling, you want a prototype to help you test the demand for it in the market and to understand what kind of return on investment you can get from it. And for developing one, you need not be an expert coder. Basic programming skills will help you build a prototype by yourself which will not only be cheaper as you don’t need to pay someone else to do it but will also save time as you won’t need to explain what you want to someone else.

These are just a few of the benefits that I have listed, but in reality, you will understand how life changing it can be when you know how to code. You don’t need to be the best coder in the world because what you really need is just basic knowledge of coding which can get you through the whole life-cycle of startup easily. You definitely must hire people who can take care of the technical fronts, but learning enough to get your company afloat is all that you really need.

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