Using Those Precious Podcasts for Your Business

They have been in vogue since internet was switching over to the audio content. Podcasts – which began their journey from being used for casual home recordings and recipes, have made their way into becoming powerful tools of marketing for large and small businesses across the world.

In the social media ridden era, using podcasts for marketing purposes is equally productive. This is precisely why most business houses and even startups are trying their hands at it.

If you are planning to join the podcast bandwagon, go ahead and take the leap. The efforts are worth it if executed right.

Creating podcasts and sharing them on social media networks is really not a very difficult thing to do. With the presence of different tools and features, creating podcasts, publishing them and finding the relevant audience that needs to be targeted has become quite easy.

Creating Effective Podcasts with the Veterans


If you are looking to create an efficient podcast, getting the insight of the industry bigwigs would be a great idea. What you can do is invite these experts and interview them and in the bargain create a podcast that would definitely make its mark.

The whole idea behind such a podcast is to provide a common platform for you and your guest to speak about your respective companies and generate awareness among the users and prospective customers.

Finding the Best Guest


Finding a guest to speak for your podcast may seem to be a challenge. However, there are a number of platforms that are used by B2B companies to generate leads. You can actually log on to these sites and identify guests whose presence will work for your podcast.  Identifying them is easy as the majority of these websites display all the relevant industries, areas of expertise and other details of these people.

Sending out Invites


After identifying the people whom you would like to invite for speaking on your podcast, look for their email ids and send emails to invite them for your podcast. If you are worried about your mail being dismissed as junk, use the emailing tool that sends personalized mails to others. This would ensure that your mail gets to the inbox and is read.

Don’t forget to send follow up mails to the people who respond to your mail.

Planning the Podcast


Once the initial invitations have been sent out and everything falls into place, you need to decide on the topic for the podcast and then schedule it. If you don’t want to run out on things to say during an interview, make a wise move and let the guest choose the topic for discussion.

Share the tentative dates on which the interview can be recorded and let the guest choose the date that best suits him or her.

Recording and Editing the Pod


Make sure to use the best tools to record the interview. You have to have a crystal clear recording to enamor the audience. Do not lose focus during the interview as this would compromise the quality of the podcast content.

Edit the podcast to remove unnecessary pauses and fumbles during the interview. You would also want to add in a welcoming message and an effective sign off to make the podcast more appealing.

Uploading the Podcast


Once your podcast is ready to roll, you need to upload it to a host that would then share it with iTunes. There are a number of hosts that do this. Look for the most popular and effective one. You can even choose to upload the pod on more than one host.

Keeping a tab on the number of times the podcast is downloaded is also made easy as most host pages have a very good reporting dashboard in place.

Promoting the Podcast


After uploading your podcast to the host, you can do a number of things to attract more users to download your pod. Sharing it on social media network, writing a blog about it and sharing the link alongside or adding some attractive graphics are a few ways in which you can get more people to notice your podcast.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know the secret of creating a good podcast, go ahead and try your hand at it. Remember, getting industry experts to share their insights is definitely the best way to make your podcasts popular!


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