Use These 7 Mantras to Re-Design Your Organization

Use These 7 Mantras to Re-Design Your Organization

If you are a business owner, you must have realized the importance of the design of your organization. Your organizational design has a great impact on the way you operate, relate to others, deploy, make an impression and achieve success. Although you may hire a professional consultant to create or improve the design of your organization, there are a few components that can help you in doing that yourself.

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Here are your 7 Mantras for an effective organizational design and redesign.

Your business strategy

Take a look at the way you operate your business, and ask experts if you are doing it right. You can ask people within your company to suggest any changes or improvements. There must be innovative individuals in your group who may come up with some really good ideas.

Criteria of designing the organization

Now that you are designing your organization, there must be some changes that you would like to bring in. Look at your workplace culture and note the criteria with which the people work there. You may compare your organization with others, and see what improvements you need.

Know the current state of the company

Try to analyze the current state of the company, including its customer satisfaction level, business processes, cost structure, organizational structure, technology state, decision making process, current experience of the employees, interaction among the departments, behaviors, strengths and skills etc. In most cases, the existing state of the organization plays a great role in designing it, but sometimes, it needs to be left altogether to implement an all-new design for the organization.

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Major processes of the organization

Core processes are required to be designed for smooth running of your business strategy. Have a look at the already existing processes, and identify the loopholes that need to be improved. Sometimes, you may need to create new processes for the smooth functioning of your business. The processes should be friendly for your employees, customers as well as technicians, whether you are a small, mid-size or a large scale enterprise.

Structure of the organization

The structure of your organization should be such that it drives your business strategy and opens doors for new scope of success. Now that you have remodeled your business design, identify the skills and strengths that can deliver and maximize your business value.

Structure of your business governance: Decision making is one of the most important aspects of running a business and succeeding with it. Give attention to who is taking your business decisions currently, and if he or she is worth it. If there are any loopholes, try to fill the gaps by making necessary changes and shifts. Your company’s governance plays a very significant role in keeping the staff motivated and maximizing their productivity.

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Implementation of the new design

Now that you have created a perfect design for your organization, how and when it will be implemented to your business also holds much importance. Sometimes, you may decide to implement every element all at once, while sometimes you may implement in phases. Give attention to whom this will affect and how. Also find out how you will communicate the new design to your organization, and who will be the leader.

The new design for your organization may also demand new talent and skill set, that might not be available in your existing manpower. For that, you may need to hire new employees for which you should stay prepared. The new design will change the way your business operates and accomplishes. Don’t just focus on senior leaders of your business, but listen to what juniors have to say as well.

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