Unproductive Meetings? Please Cut the Crap

Businesspeople in meetings

Businesspeople in meeting

There is no denying the fact that holding meetings with your team is extremely important for the development of your business. After all, this is the time when you discuss new strategies, brainstorm with each other for possible solutions to problems and come up with novel ideas to improve business revenues.

But, can we say the same about all meetings? Nope! Some meetings can just be a sheer waste of time. This happens because of lack of planning or due to various other distractions that are totally uncalled for. If experts are to be believed, most organizations waste a lot of time on meetings that are totally unproductive.

So, how do you ensure that your meetings and effective and productive? Thugs have few ideas.

Get Across an Agenda Beforehand

With a clear cut agenda in place for a meeting, there are more chances of it being a productive one. It would be a good idea to float out this agenda among the people who are likely to attend the meeting. This would ensure that the meeting focuses on the agenda alone and does not tread to other topics.

Appoint a Leader

Arranging a meeting is not easy. You need to inform everyone about the date and time as well as the venue. You also need to make sure that when the meeting is underway, the participants do not deter from the topic as this could lead to wastage of time. Appointing a leader who is loved and respected by the participants would make it easier to arrange the meeting and get everyone to attend it. This person would also be able to encourage others to stay on the topic.

Say No to Devices

Smartphones and tablets though helpful in staying connected can be a distraction during the meeting hour. Continuous ringing of phones and people checking their devices for mails and messages can render the meeting ineffective. If you really want the meeting to be a productive one, make sure to instruct your staff members to leave their devices behind or switch them off during the course of the meeting.

Avoid Overcrowding

Have heard that famous saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? Well, this holds true for meetings too. If there are too many people involved in a meeting, there is a fair chance that nothing fruitful would come out of it. It is always better to invite just the key people to the meeting who you feel can really contribute something to the task at hand.

Be Time Specific

Getting your team members to report for a meeting on time is a task in itself. Instead of giving them a time, in the multiples of 5 like 9:30, 10:00 etc may always result in late reporting. Instead, pick a more specific time like 9:14 or 10:04. This would encourage your team mates to report on time just out of sheer curiosity. Giving them a time when you intend to end the meeting would also propel them to reach the venue on time.

Keep it Short

Meetings that drag on for long can be extremely boring. Most often than not, the participants would lose their attention span and start daydreaming, thereby rendering the whole drill unproductive. When holding a meeting, make sure to end it before your team’s attention span starts lagging.

Change of Scene

Meetings in the conference room are oh so passé. Of course, if you are planning a presentation meeting or one that involves carrying papers, then this is the best way to do it. However, if your meeting is all about discussing new ideas and brainstorming, a change of scene would be a welcome change for all. This would give it a more relaxed touch and may even pique the creativity of the participants.

Give a Recap

It is always important to wind up the meeting by giving a once over to all the things discussed. This would ensure that all the people know about their responsibilities and action plans.

The next time you plan a meeting at your work place, go ahead and try out these strategies to make it more productive and fruitful.

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