Understanding the Power of Paid Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is definitely on the rise. With people completely hooked to different social media networks day in and day out, most business organizations prefer this form of marketing for exhibiting their wares.

However, in the recent times, development of social media marketing strategies has been extremely remarkable. So, if you are a startup or are planning to go the entrepreneurial way, it is high time that you identify the real power that lies within paid social media networking.

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Paid Social Media Marketing – Heavy on Pockets, Great with Penetration

Effective in B2C

A recent study that was conducted on a global level surveyed close to 3700 marketers. Of these 263 were B2C marketers. The studies revealed that about 76% of these people had opted for paid marketing on eMarketer and close to 61% of them found this to be an extremely efficient way of marketing. On the other hand, when it comes to popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, 59% of the marketers believe that paid ads on social media are any time better than the conventional marketing strategies. In spite of many organizations following the traditional marketing methods, overall the number of companies that have started using paid social media marketing methods has risen from 20% to 30% within a year. When the B2C marketers were asked about rating the effectiveness of the networks, Facebook came out as the undoubted winner and was closely followed by YouTube.

Since, the survey was carried out on a very small number of B2C marketers, the results cannot be completely foolproof. However, since B2C is just starting out with these strategies and believes them to be effective, there is no harm in trying them out. Also, since B2C is still in the evolving phase, the lack of competition can definitely work wonders for the company as a whole.


B2B Goes Social

Further, the survey revealed that about 1521 marketers were B2B marketers. Of these, 93% people use paid social media marketing strategies. Other than this, 52% people use promoted posts and 51% people use sponsored ads. Of these, 45% people accept that these strategies are extremely effective for the uplifting of the business. Furthermore, the B2B marketers recommend pay per click ads and paid search advertising and believe that these are definitely more effective than the other strategies. The survey also revealed that though people still continue to use banner ads, these are hardly effective with only 29% of the marketers endorsing these. When it comes to B2B marketers, they believe that the best social media network that is effective for marketing is LinkedIn with Twitter following close behind.

Analyzing the mindset of the people visiting the social media sites can really help in coming up with a foolproof marketing plan. Though LinkedIn has been highly endorsed by B2B marketers, this is a site that people approach with the aim to improve their career prospects. Facebook on the other hand is looked upon as something that provides relaxation.


In The Words of Advertising Executives

When a survey on some of the leading advertising executives of the world was conducted, what came to fore was the fact that Facebook seems to be one of the most effective social media marketing platforms. Pinterest follows close behind. Though Instagram did not receive very high ratings, experts believe this is due to the fact that this platform is considerably new to marketing and would soon catch up. Also, when it comes to deciding which platform works best for what industry, experts seem to be still indecisive. Thus, deciding which network would work for you is completely your prerogative.

Sponsored Ad Posts Work

Surveys have proved that sponsored posts are actually more effective than other marketing campaigns. When customers were asked about this, they confessed that they are more likely to check out ads that are recommended by their favorite social media networks than any random company. With many companies having identified this fact early on, most of them set aside a budget only for sponsored ad posts on social media platforms. The truth is, if you overlook the advertisement of television, sponsored posts are the next best thing in marketing.

In the recent times, it has become clear that the social media networks are here to stay. Coupled with this the effectiveness of marketing on these sites, paid social media marketing is what is becoming the attention seeker and revenue enhancer in the modern corporate world.


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