Twitter, Glam Zone for Celebs And Star Backed Businesses

Twitter is one of the extensively used social media platforms in the world today. After Facebook, Twitter has the second highest engagement, competing closely with both Google Plus and LinkedIn. Celebrities for one, tread on the moral high ground with their addictive and infectious presence. The tweet fixation is undoubtedly heavily derived from the celebrities. The world at large gazes at their crisp statements, with a starry eyed fixation. Some of these tweets are retweeted like a million times, favorited and replied to.

But what about the thriving businesses that constantly look for an engagement as good as Brad Pitt’s profile? Is there a potential scope for the growing businesses to expand their outreach by means of using Twitter? This is a debatable aspect. Twitter has a certain way about itself, unlike the standard practices seen on the other platforms. Tweeting continues to be solidly rigid, maintaining the same design and maneuverer with no much enhancements. Interestingly, businesses that are backed by stars fetch instant outreach, as good as the respective celebrity’s Twitter profile.

It’s the type of business and not any business



A little research and we figure out that tweeting is more suitable for certain kinds of business that fetch a viable engagement. Publishing and media for one bank highly on Twitter to derive more lead generation. They have the front lead clearly, thanks to the benefit of hash tagging the stars on whatever is being posted in relevance. Businesses such as E Commerce and Technology also make their presence felt on the platform, joining the standard bandwagon and trying hard to tap the audience. Again, unless Roger Federer comes on board, there is no sizzle.

It’s in that brand perception


The reaction and affiliation with brands happens based on what the brand ‘looks like’ on Twitter. There is a whole she bang, the nine yards of red carpet included. There is a continuous affiliation with celebrities in case of publishing and entertainment. Such brands tend to attain maximum reach, thanks to the zing factor involved. Constant updates about celebs, blogs on the stars and retweets of the selfie moments directly from the celebrity pages – all these tend to create magic on the star struck audience counting into millions. Imagine the same celebrity endorsing a tech or retail brand, the outcomes are definitely lucrative with leads.

Celeb quotient always ahead of other strategies

On Twitter, it’s always about these stars. Films, politics, sports, you name it and they have mind-blowing number of followers. Attaching the celeb factor to the promotions always works in favour of fetching the required brand recognition. There are other strategies too that exist, but none like what celebs offer.

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