Turn On The Excitement Switch In Your Life!

I have loads of friends whom I meet on regular basis, but whenever the question is popped, “so how are things with you?” I rarely get a different answer. The answer has almost always been, “it’s just the same” with different levels of disappointment depending on the time of the year.

Most of the people that I come across just seem to be unhappy with anything and everything ranging from work, relationships to daily traffic. Well it is tough to help with the traffic woes but sure enough that should not be the reason why one should be in despair and not be excited about tomorrow.

Most of us just live for the weekend, where we gear up to party or do something special. But what is so special about weekend that the same excitement cannot be experienced during other days? Why are we not excited to wake up the next morning on other days? I surely did ask this to myself few years back and I had nothing to be excited about, more often than I would imagine.

These days are just the opposite of big days such as your graduation day, long awaited trip with your friends, getting your first job and so many others. But as you look back in time, all these memories seem to blend together and there comes a point when you can’t differentiate between the days and the weeks. And just like that while you have lived your life in that perfect routine, your prime days are up and you are sitting in a rocking chair.

Sadly enough, most us don’t value the time we have and we tend to just go with the flow. There is nothing wrong in doing that, but what if you had something special to look up to for each day that got you excited? Rather than having exciting moments in a single life, why not treat every single day as a separate life which will get you elated as you begin your each day. Just like you would not want to eat the same food every day and want different flavours to spice up your palate, in the same way you can spice up your daily life with one small thing that bring happiness to you.

One day you can wake up to witness the beautiful sunrise while the other days you can stay up late to see the stars shine in the night sky. Try out a new cuisine, take a new route to work, learn a new word each day or simply call up your school teacher to say hi. All of these are very small things which will bring a change in your probably dull lifestyle. Your life need not be as bland as you see it to be. Remember that it is your life and it is up to you to take charge of things and be excited about. If there are things that do not get you excited then change them today. If it is not possible today then work towards it so that one day you will have that well deserved smile on your face.

While you try to be a new and better person, just remember that you hold the switch of excitement which you just need to flip if things are not so exciting!

Photo Credits: Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka

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