Track Your Brand Performance on Mobile – 4 Valuable Pointers

Startup entrepreneurs are hooked on to the smartphones for conducting end to end business. Interestingly, branding also forms a major part of all the other tasks that are carried out on a daily basis. Making use of the mobile platform to spread awareness about the new brands seems to be a great idea and a feasible option at that.

Branding via phone is not as easy as it seems. In spite of the mobile being a popular platform, most companies are just not aware of the potential that it provides, thereby falling short of creating good brand awareness campaigns.

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We have few useful pointers which can help you to keep a track of the way your brand performs on the mobile platform and what you can do to improve the same.

Getting to Know the Churn Rate

Churn rate is the one thing which most mobile marketers dread. However, keeping an eye on the churn rate will give you a fair idea as to what part of your campaign is working and what does not have takers. Also, by getting to know the churn rate closely, you can actually zero in on the audience who is not being impressed by your campaign and your content.

Keeping this in mind will make it easier for you to refurbish your campaign and to tweak your content such that it appeals to the end users for whom it was intended in the first place.

Expressing your App Value, Upfront

Creating a high quality app is just half the battle won. What really matters is that it holds the fancy of the customers and encourages them to use the app time and again. Studies have revealed that many a times, users abandon the app half way through, just because they are not aware of how it works. Also, most of these customers hardly return to the app again.

This can be catastrophic for your brand, which is why it is important that you offer all the important aspects of your apps to the customers on the onset. Also, providing them some push buttons and sending them messages about other features will ensure that they get well versed with the app and return for more, later.

Approaching Push Notifications with Care

Believe it or not, push notifications can actually work wonders for your brand on the mobile platform. However, if studies are to be believed, only 42% of the users make use of these push notifications. Wondering why? The truth is that most companies do not make use of these notifications in a proper way and render them useless.

According to the experts, in order to make maximum use of the push notifications, you need to educate your users about their benefits and functionality. Doing this by using small, relevant messages while the user is engrossed in browsing the app or web page is the best idea.

Personalizing your User Approach

One of the main mistakes that most marketers make is not considering the individual preferences of the end users. What one needs to consider when sending messages and requests to users is to ensure that these appear at the right time.

Of course, considering a wide range of customers, this is definitely not an easy task. However, automating the approach based on the preferences of the customers is what will work wonders for your brand.

Mobile platform may not seem very easy to tap, given its widespread usage. However, by following the above pointers you can keep track of your brand and how your branding campaign is coming off.

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