Top 8 Reasons Why I Love Being an Entrepreneur: Vikas Sharma (HSP System)!

HSP System is a New Delhi based Fire Protection and Consulting company, founded by Vikas Sharma in 2005. HSP System has completed projects in over 40 locations across India and provides international fire protection services with its subsidiary companies. HSP System installs and services fire alarm systems, fire hydrant system, fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems for the commercial, industrial or residential marketplaces. They provide Fire Consulting, Building Information Modelling, Green Fire Protection, AMC, Inspections and Monitoring to your needs as a full-service fire protection company. Vikas elucidates on why he loves doing what he does, and everything else great about being an entrepreneur.

1. The fruits of your labour, are yours to behold and cherish.

Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of sacrifices, which makes it all the more difficult to achieve. But ultimately, when success finds its way to you, the feeling of pride will make it all worth it. That feeling is so much better than being an employee, merely a gear in a huge company.

2. Decision-making is made so much easier!

With no investors, board members or other stakeholders to report to, decisions and initiatives can be taken without hassle. And the entire decision rests in your hand.

3. Winner or loser, it’s all you.

You will be fully accountable for the results that you bring to your clients, and when everything rests on your shoulders, the reputation and fate of the business is all in your hands. With every satisfied client, more power to you! But of course, even the more minor of setbacks would mean that you’ll be entirely responsible for the result.

4. It’s up to you to decide who you want to work with it!

With the ease of decisions and complete control of your company, comes the power of being able to pick the people you would want to work with, as well as the clients you’d like to serve. You can pick your colleagues in such a manner that they share the same vision for the company as you. It is important to respect your clients, or it could lead to unpleasant experience. When you for work for someone else, you might just end up working closely with someone you detest.

5. Establishing a long-term relationship with clients

True especially in case of online businesses, regular updates to websites and online marketing means retaining your clients. This eventually turns into a loyal partnership with other clients, helping them grow their businesses over a number of years.

6. Your time will be under your control.

As difficult as all the responsibility might sometimes seem, give yourself a break sometimes, being an entrepreneur means that the decision to take one lies in your hands. You can give yourself a break when you need, and rejuvenate, coming back to work with a bang!

7. Involvement in teaching and mentoring.

Early on, entrepreneurs have to hire relatively inexperienced people owing to budget constraints. These people will need an on-the-job training, and watching them grow and succeed creates a sense of great satisfaction.

8. Job-security.

Being the boss will give you the confidence job-security. In fact, being the boss and being responsible for so many lives motivates you to do your best, sometimes even turning you into a work-a-holic!

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