Top 10 Traits of A Great Sales Person

Startup founders are their own sales persons while starting out. Until the business reaches the next level where you can count on the second in charge, the game is all yours. Selling a product or a service depends on how you cascade the information and maintain relationships. Most importantly, this is not about just closing a deal. This is about staying in business with the client  on a longevity basis.

It’s definitely not a rocket science to be a great salesperson, you already know that. What is important to sell well is to pay close attention to things that matter. Things that prevail with common sense. Everyday practice that becomes a healthy habit while striking effective client relationships.

Being a great sales person comes easy to some, while it can be a bit of headache to few others. As a founder, you need to balance your selling act going by the client’s momentum.

To stay in business means staying in constant loop with your clients – understanding the changes in their businesses and making it your business in order to deliver the same. An effective salesman knows how to tap the pulse of what the consumer wants. In this case, all you need to do is have a deep understanding of your client’s enterprise and what you can offer in those lines.

This infographic will give you 10 key pointers that can be applied in the running of your daily business. Small changes that go a long way in making a big deal for your business. Go for them!

Top 10 Trait of Great Sales Person

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