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Thugstart raises $20 million in Series A Funding

Media and publishing company Thugstart has raised 20.5 million US dollar in its Series A Funding. The funding was headed by QUICK CORPORATION along with the company’s present investors like Altos Ventures, Startup Capital Ventures and StarVest Partners.

This new funding now takes Thugstart’s net funding amount to a total of 37 million US dollars. The company will now utilize the capital from the above fund to gauge its marketing and sales efforts as well as to widen its services portfolio.

Thugstart aims to take its venture surrounding Startups and new entrepreneurship to the next level. The core agenda of the establishment will continue to aim at niche stories surrounding the startups and the startup stories.

With regard to this new funding, Thugstart will also join hands with QUICK in order to distribute its media based solutions to the markets across the Asia continent.

Moreover, Thugstart will also distribute QUICK’s branded information and financial data via its APIs platform. Thugstart, along with QUICK, will boost the development of media and content based solutions in Asia and globally.

Now that we are done talking, it’s time to say..

Happy Fools Day!!

Though the day is not too far !!

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