Thugs, Shake Your Booty While At It

Dancing is a lot more than what it seems. Know it with the thugs! If you wish to break away from the monotony of entrepreneurship, dance is “THE” thing for you. Dance brings in a lot of pleasure and is certainly worthwhile to learn dancing for its cognitive characteristics. Apart from the emotional and physical elements, dance enlivens your brain like nothing else and is a lot more than just a recreational exercise.

Know some of the top reasons why entrepreneurs should learn to dance.


Dancing enhances intelligence

The implication of intelligence by experts is the quality people use when they are not aware of what to do. Let’s make it simple. It is basically your decisive power. In order to enhance the acuity of your brain, the most effective solution is to perform an activity that requires you to make quick decisions. Dancing is one such exercise where you have to respond speedily to get your moves right. Once you start learning dance, you would come to know how amazingly it can enhance your decision making.

Dance reduces senescence and improves memory

Dancing gives rise to new neural paths. If you are wondering how this helps, let us explain you in detail. Remember how your grandparents cannot recall your name when you visit them? This is exactly what happens when neurons die and synapses get powerless. The condition is popularly known as dementia. Single neural pathway is the main culprit behind this disorder. Different mental routes and paths are created when an individual works on dancing. Accessing stored information and memories becomes possible through these alternative pathways and as a result neuroplasticity is maintained.


Dance prevents drowsiness

Entrepreneurs often have long work schedules because of which they are likely to feel drowsy. Dancing helps in overpowering the signals that link cerebellum to the balance organs of inner ear. As a result, the centers that perceive drowsiness get inactive and dancers are able to refrain that feeling. Do not worry if you cannot master the art of dancing. Even an amateur dancer would experience this benefit.

Muscle memory improves

Marking is a process by which dancers walk gradually through movements and encode each and every movement with the help of a hint. This reduces the physical and cognitive struggle involved in dance, thereby enabling the dancers to remember the moves more easily and empowering their performance. Dancing teaches visualization of movements and marking, that improves muscle memory significantly.

Dance helps in maintaining overall physical health

Dance helps you in keeping away from negative vibes. You can reduce the risk the obesity, hypertension and cancer. Moreover, your skeletal system also remains healthy as a result of physical exertion involved in dancing. After all, health is wealth, right?

Dance like no one’s watching!

Dance away to glory like the world’s a dance floor!

Be it rational, emotional or kinesthetic brain functions, dance revives all of them. Without worrying about the world judging your imperfect moves, keep dancing for the betterment of mind, body and soul.

On a lighter note, entrepreneurs can make new contacts at the dance academy and employ their networking skills there too. How about that? (Just kidding)

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Disha Bhatt is a dentist if you go by her academic qualifications. She loves food, words, pets and gadgets. She has some awesome friends and she believes that if you have the right ones, you have the world.