Thugs in Stone Age, Time for an Upgrade

Year after year, new technologies are getting unveiled that are very helpful for the entrepreneurs. You can find a number of these improvisations at different tradeshows overflowing with the latest technologies ranging from laptops to self-driving vehicles, from cell phones to search engines and from TVs to trackers.


Why Technology is So Important for Entrepreneurs

Tech could be very helpful to an entrepreneur. It increases productivity, saves time and money as well and helps stay more connected. There is always something new and useful to be found in every upcoming technology. An entrepreneur should always be upgraded.

Here we list out the top six latest technologies that can help to upgrade your business.

Android – Do Not Run Out Of Storage

Android phones will never let you down when it comes to maximum storage capacity. Once your cell phone’s 32GB internal storage reaches its limit, the device itself moves your lesser used apps to a cloud which gives you have an additional 100GB of memory space.


Omnity – Take Your Search to the Next level 

Recently there is a debut of the latest search engine known as Instead of searching by keywords or phrases, it can search by full document. The most amazing thing is it costs nothing to use It is free to use and it only searches through free, open content databases. Once the search is complete, serves up search results and provides a visualization as well of how closely the results are related. The result can be easily exported as a PDF file.

Job Site Ear Buds – Make Easy calls From Any Place

For those who work in open office spaces, or in a loud environment, the Job Site Ear Buds are available for them. These ear buds are designed to take calls while working in the loud places. They work really well in noisy and high-energy places. They will not cost you much but will help you in answering those important calls from the noisy work places.


Ditto – Never Miss an Important call

Ditto is a device that vibrates when an important call or message is received by your phone. The size of Ditto is about a bottle cap and can be clipped on the clothes. It is a very useful device for those entrepreneurs who don’t carry a phone always but want to answer the important calls.

Bluesmart – Know Where Your Luggage Is

Many times it happens that you travel in a crowded flight in which every overhead bin is full and you need to check a carry-on containing your business-important items. For such situations there’s the Bluesmart Carry-on. The suitcase includes a built in real-time location tracking software and a remote locking facility that can be accessed through a mobile app. You can locate Bluesmart bags anywhere in the world using the in-app tracking system. You can also lock and unlock the suitcase from the app. The tracking system uses GPS and 3G.

These are some of the best and latest technologies that would certainly help you as an entrepreneur. Remember, success asks you to work hard but technologies make you work smart.

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