Thugs, Get Your BEST Done in the Early Hours

When you run your own enterprise, you are exposed to both perks and vulnerabilities. Perks would be in the form of flexible work timing, work life balance, quality time with family or partner etc. Vulnerabilities that come as part of the package usually manifest to procrastinating, getting lazy and becoming complacent with life every once in a while. As startup entrepreneurs, we have a huge responsibility of staying focused and grounded. Taking care of self is also an important aspect here.

Getting the Best Done Real Quick and Effective

Early morning is always the best timing. It is important to make good use of early hours, every day. Running a content agency, early hours for me would be about organizing work and expending mind on creative writing. There is a lot that comes out as an effective output when you invest early hours towards your passion.


Get These Things Done – Real Fast and Easy

Maintain Fitness

The rest of the day will go into slogging, so make sure that your early hours involve a bit of fitness. Ideally, a ‘bit’ for me would be an hour of exercise and Yoga, or a morning walk. Spend the time that follows into five minutes of breathing. Close your eyes, imagine the day ahead. You will see a great clarity for the day happening in your mind.

Eat Fruit

Have an apple everyday morning, or an assorted fruit plate. After a good workout, fruit would be a great choice to stay fit and active throughout the day. Do away with clumsy food groups that stimulate lethargy and sleep.

Chant Affirmations to Yourself

This may sound weird to some, but saying positive affirmations to oneself is very empowering. Say to yourself all the positive things. Appreciate the best facet about your own self. Once you do that, motivation starts kicking in from within.


Take up the Most Important Project First

Make sure you concentrate and focus on the important project at hand during early hours. You will see that mind tends to absorb facts like a sponge. Understanding a critical project becomes very easy and the delivery will be equally prompt. Remember the good old exam days when we would study in the morning? Something like that.

Put on Your Best Side

Be at your best in the morning. Do things that make you happy in between. Sip on green tea and relax your nerves. This also makes a great difference while managing stress and anxiety early on. Keep your energy levels high in the morning, and the whole day becomes just that.


Be a believer. Believe in great outcomes and aspirations in the early morning time. Talk to yourself that remaining day is going to be super-efficient in all ways. What you believe at the dawn of the day is what will follow you till the dusk.

dress u

Dress Up, Get Up and Show Up

It’s time to shower and dress to your best. Comfortable clothes make you feel more cheerful and vibrant. Show up to work with a smiling face. Greet your team and spread the energy. See how your own aura reflects and shines on the others.

No matter what the challenge is, organizing the early hours of the day will pave a better path. Make productive use of early mornings.

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