Thugs don’t look for VC Funding, They Do THIS Instead!!

VC Funding

The rising phenomenon among the startups. A lot of rookie entrepreneurs get swayed when they hear the peer stories of how their neighbors got funded with million bucks, overnight! As captive as the idea sounds, chances are that your business actually may thrive without any funding. The initial grappling fear about scalability and sustenance is what drives the necessity to chase the VC investors.

Every year, millions of startups across the world look at VC funding as an option without doing adequate research. They  do not analyse the ground realities of whether funding really applies to their business. If you are starting out, it is a given that you will follow the crowd.

Let us put the confusion to rest. Before heading out to the investor with your million dollar pitch, take time aside to follow the below presentation on VC Funding. The below slide actually throws adequate knowledge about the required factors that have to be duly considered before making the VC move.

Get ready to understand if your business needs the VC funding with ThugStart. Time to get the facts straight.

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