Three Social Media Platforms That Will Kick A** in 2016

Every year, there is a war of the socials. This year, the battle is bound to go to the next level.

Marketing on social media is the new norm. With the immense popularity of these platforms and the modern generation being literally hooked to these, they definitely seems to be ideal choice. With so many social media networks making the rounds, companies often find it hard to decide as to which platform to choose and what to avoid. Sometimes, this becomes more of a hit and trial method with organizations ending up losing a lot of money.

However, keeping in mind the trend over a last few months, here is the list of some of the social media platforms that are catching up fast and can work wonders for your marketing strategies.

Simply put, these social platforms are set to kick a** in 2016 in the world of digital content.



When it comes to the new generation or the Generation Z as they are better known, they prefer to stay in touch through virtual chats and sharing messages. So, if your business intends to target this generation, joining the Snapchat bandwagon would be a great idea. With the tech savvy people already making rounds on this social media platform, you can surely find a lot of takers for your marketing plans.

Options like sharing pictures and videos, creating and sharing attractive ads and small teasers would be easy on this platform. Experts believe that assigning an expiry date to your ads and strategies is what would catch the eye of the customers. You can even create an air of suspense by promising an ad that would soon be aired on your channel and the likes. These strategies are deigned to work in the world of cut throat competition.


Pinterest has been around for quite some time now. However, with its brand new feature called the Animated Pin, you can actually segregate and target people who are interested in your products and services. Targeting a selective audience is made easy by Pinterest. Trying to use this new found feature in your marketing campaign can actually work wonders for your organization. However, make sure that you weigh all the pros and cons before taking the plunge.



People these days have a very short attention span and are more attracted to images and videos than to superfluous content. Since Instagram is all about images and videos with a catchy tagline, it is definitely the best social media platform for marketing purposes. Creating an ad on Instagram and airing it is quite easy. Also, the company has gone forward and increased the airing time of advertisements by another 30 seconds which should be seen as a great advantage. Make sure to include Instagram in your marketing strategies this year.

There is no doubt that Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and other social media platforms still continue to be popular. However, not all these networks are perfect for every offering. When it comes to designing a marketing campaign, finalizing on the platforms that are best suited for your goals is the key.

In the year 2016, watch out for Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram which are already making their presence felt.

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