The Road To Success Is Dotted With Many Tempting Parking Spaces

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain

No successful person has ever won his success without facing the hard to believe truths in his life. Every individual walks through a lot of hardships to reach the success. If it were so easy to strike there, each person on the earth today would have been doing what they desire. What determines your success? What are the hard truths one has to understand to reach success? Let us discuss and get answers to these questions in this article.
Success is something that you achieve defeating your failure. The day you swallow these hard truths, you will realize what will drive you to the ultimate success. The successful entrepreneurs had got the luxury only when they endured the hardships and obstacles and were ready to face them. The following points will help you learn what determines your success:

You define your success

It is not anybody else but you, yourself who is supposed to define your success. Gaining success in not when you win a competition against anyone but it is a game where you compete with your own self. You have your own determined standards that you have to reach to accomplish success. Your success should make yourself proud and not anyone else.
Suppose a person worked hard to loose down his weight sacrificing tasty food, an enormous amount of exercise, etc., he would achieve his victory the day he gets down to that planned weight. There is no comparison with anyone else but within himself. You cannot compare his weight to a person who has lost more weight in the same time period. Someone might be healthier, have more wealth, be more capable of doing better, but all these do not affect your success. Your hard work to achieve your desires is what defines your success.

You think negative; you do negative

Success is all about having faith, passion, hard work and a change in outlook that can help you reach there. What is a negative feeling? A negative opinion is where you look forward to either putting down someone else so that you are performing better than him or you, yourself lack the confidence in your ability to achieve what you want. While considering the former, it is the worst action someone thinks of. This feeling might fetch you short term returns but will ultimately lead you to failure forever.
However, considering the latter, having a negative sensation about your inability is fine. It can be improved. The negative confidence is due to lack of motivation. It is imperative to have a motivation, a positivity that comes within you saying ‘I can do it’ and your hard work to become successful. Negativity will pull you down whereas the positivity takes you a further step by step. So, positivity helps you change your outlook and brings a perfect outcome in life.

Success if painful

The hardships are not so easy to get across. The challenges are unavoidable. At each step towards success, there is a higher probability of failures and obstacles. One has to work smart to overcome these challenges and stay tough to achieve his goals. Though achieving success is painful, it is not impossible. There are a huge number of live examples of successful people who are happy making what they aspired for. Success is surely present beyond these failures. All you require is accepting the challenges and having the vision to get beyond them.

You need to motivate your own self

No one else from anywhere will come to support you. In this world, everyone is striving for success in their own ways. It is you who has to cheer up yourself. For a student, your parents can just support you, but the work is to be done from your side. Man times, children do not get support even from their parents, but here is where you got to motivate as well as boost your own self. Things are hard in both the cases, but not impossible. People will discourage you, tell you that you are wrong just because they won’t be able to swallow your success. All you have to of is, cross these circumstances motivating yourself and get along to success.

Final word

You might have by now realized how difficult it is to achieve success. But there are ways to accomplish it. Nothing is impossible in life. If it had been impossible, no one would have thought of the wondrous technology that we enjoy today. It is all about your passion, dedication, and hard work that will allow you to overcome these circumstances and gain success.

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