The REAL Power of Emotional Connect With B2B Branding

In today’s commercialized marketing environment, B2B marketers are increasing becoming customer-centric and aggressively ramping their branding efforts. The core part of the brand building is about creating an emotional connection with the consumers. Assuming that their customers to make purely rational decisions, B2B marketers are now focusing on the business values to differentiate their brands. Does this kind of emotion actually play a vital role? The quick reply to this is YES and a big one.

Building an emotional connection with the consumers has long been a core practice of B2C marketing; however for the B2B marketers the approach hasn’t always been simple.

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The REAL Power of Emotional Connect

Are you going about your B2B marketing all wrong? The reasons can be many, but the primary one is that the real driving factors behind B2B buying decisions are far more personal and emotional than you think.

When it comes to buying decision, we all know that our choices are based on logical reasoning. Ever given a thought, why they make blazing hot red sports cars that have a terrible gas mileage, and put candy bars near the checkout counters?

Strategies involve navigating a complex business process, requiring business to loop in multiple stakeholders across varied departments. With everything riding on that kind of decision – not to mention the amount of time to really think things through, the approach becomes more rational than emotional.

The recent findings based on the different research have come up with some great revelation and they are as follow:

Surfacing the Emotions

Asking your client direct questions about their personal goals and emotional needs is practically not possible. While some clients are happy to share their business needs and goals, others are not. You need to dig deeper. B2Bs should use open observations of the clients/customers and immediate spot non-verbal or contextual clues that reveal their underlying emotions.

Craft Brand Messages that Convey Personal Values

To tap your client’s emotional needs and convey personal values, your brand must use language that customers/client can identify with. Your language shouldn’t be yours. Rather listen to theirs which will help you to craft the brand message accurately.

Ensure Personal Value Message Driven Action

To drive actions, suppliers must shift the buyers’ focus away from the cost and risk of change. By highlighting the present scenario, pains and not just solely focusing on the future gains, the suppliers can boost urgency to act.

Develop Your Commercial Insights

Lastly, a business value is no longer enough to prevent commercialization. Buyers rarely appreciate differences between the business outcomes that various supplier delivers. Teach your clients/customers something new about their business needs and help them appreciate the value of your solutions.

The above mentioned points are great insights to know your client’s requirements and boost your sales and brand exposure. With this approach, you will be able to make the most of it, while knowing their emotional thinking.


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