The Dating Lives Of The Entrepreneurs

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and Entrepreneurs are from … Saturn? It can sure seem to be like that sometimes. The life of the entrepreneurs is pretty foreign from outside – all rosy and rich but the scene is unequivocally different from it. It is challenging.

Let’s face it; the dating lives of entrepreneurs can be confusing. They are completely different set of mindsets and circumstance that shift the way they look at all the aspects of their lives and this includes DATING.

Agreed that dating an entrepreneur is hard … and it is absolutely wrong to assume that they are married to their work and have gone in “Nirvana Mode” – that they are just done with their lives and are no fun to be with.


I am sure that women who have dated different types, I can say with confidence that almost nobody works 9 to 5. To simply put, we all are busy – and we are talking about entrepreneurs here. Given with the challenges cut across their professional life, I wonder why entrepreneurs have been branded with a scarlet “E” when it comes to dating. In many cases, entrepreneurs actually make wonderful significant others. Don’t get me wrong, everything that you have heard about entrepreneurs is true – they are self-righteous workaholics who are enslaved by their visions. Let me explain …

Entrepreneurs have a vision to change the world – And that’s HOT

Entrepreneurs confidence is attractive – an unbridled belief that they can change the world. It is incredibly motivating. Not a day goes by when they goes by without challenging to think bigger and to work smarter. They are very strong, and they figure out how to solve their problems with their guts and horsepower, which are the drivers of several successful entrepreneurs. It feels lucky to wake up next to that inspiration every morning.

They don’t have time to play games

Many women you will say telling, “they are not just into you” but it is hard to believe that a good relationship should be easy with no guessing games. Especially, the start-up entrepreneurs are busier trying to figure out their new business, it is obvious that they will be busy to get onboard and conquer the world than just playing the dating game.


They are good decision makers

Everyday entrepreneurs have to make decisions that significantly affect the direction of their businesses. When the entrepreneur makes the decision, the matter is closed and they move on with it. Their life decisions are made same way, once he knows he wanted to date a girl and marry her there is no denying the face about it.

They think outside of the box

The most of the start-ups we have come across have grown out of the cash crunches. The fact that the entrepreneurs have started poor is hard to accept but truth. You will come across those entrepreneurs who were still struggling to get their business on board and simultaneously planning their wedding – the reason behind to set this example was they are excellent at handling money. They do awesome job when it comes to tackling budget, because they have learnt hard how money can be earned and knows spending scarce funds creatively.

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