Are You a Super Sensitive Startup Thug? The Symptoms          

Super sensitive people feel things more strongly than others. Whether it is feelings, opinions or reactions, there is no middle way for them. Imagine someone who immediately makes out that something is wrong with you from the way you have typed a message. Now that is not something casual. It takes a super sensitive individual to observe the change and care enough to ask you “What’s wrong dear? Is everything alright?”

Being a startup founder, you have to be tough. But what if the real human nature takes over? Can you still run the business with effectiveness without taking things personally?

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Sometimes, identifying the lapses and working on them matters. Here is the checklist to know whether you are super sensitive or not.

  1. Every detail matters to you

You never miss out on details and try to analyze all the gestures and words told to you. Unless you have got to the root of those cues, you cannot keep calm. You just have to know each and every feeling attached to that particular behavior.

  1. Criticism leads you to over-thinking

Whenever someone criticizes you, you tend to explore the same very deeply. You cannot simply let the criticism out from the other ear. You introspect and evaluate everything that led to the criticism. It can work in your favor because you can improve and work harder on those shortcomings.

  1. Team spirit never dies

You consider everyone’s feelings and keep in mind the various sides of joint decisions. Moreover, your ability to notice minute details is an immensely valuable skill for teamwork. You have to make sure, however, that you do not let it hamper your decision power.

  1. Your etiquettes are flawless

    You understand that your behavior influences the impression people have about you. For this reason, you are always polite and well mannered. It goes without saying that rude people are annoying but you can hardly express your disappointment towards them.

  1. Open offices are not made for you

You are extremely sensitive to people around you, loud noises and other chaos. Hence, you cannot work in an open office. It is best for you to work from home or have your own cabin where there are no external disturbing factors.

  1. You think for a longer time before making a decision

You prod into each and every detail to come to a decision. You think of the consequences and end up thinking and rethinking before you reach the final decision.

  1. Bad decisions leave you disheartened

If you make a decision that fails to get you the desired outcome, you get disappointed. As a result, you become even more scared to make decisions.

  1. Little things matter a lot to you

Having a disagreement with someone or a tiff can affect you a lot. Even if it is not that serious, you get upset and hurt, thinking of the entire episode that went wrong.

  1. Emotions bind you

The events of your life as well as the lives of others influence you greatly. Sometimes, the emotional outburst even takes over your behavior. It is really tough for you to let those feelings not alter your normal behavior.

It is not bad to be super sensitive and think everything with great depth. The quality is both boon and a flaw. What matters is how you use it to your advantage.

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