Success Is A One Way Path – It Doesn’t Come To You But You Go To It

Success is such an inspiring word that even the sound of this word fosters my energy and peps me up to do something different, either achieve small goals or work endlessly towards the bigger objectives of my life.

Despite missing more than 9000 shots in his career, loosing almost 3000 games and failing over and over again, was what led Michael Jordan to succeed. Reflecting on Michael Jordan, it is evident that there are no foolproof ways to achieve success, however, there are some “success killers” one must avoid towards the “success journey”.

If you’re like me, an ambitious go-getter who wants to taste every bite of success then lets follow the path of successful people and take a look at their do’s and don’ts. In this case, I’ll be examining the things they “don’t do at any cost”.

Here’s what successful people don’t do: –

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1. Rely on Luck

Successful people don’t cease opportunities, but seize them. Becoming successful is one thing and staying successful is a parallel universe altogether. Successful people don’t wait for the right time to take action, they are “definite optimistic”. They don’t want for the clock to strike the right time. They instead chase their ambitions and make time right for themselves, instead of believing that there is something etched in the stars for them.

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2. DIY (Do it all by yourself)

Successful people across the globe have a common trait of distributing their work wisely and don’t end up taking all the work on their shoulders. They are community centered and realize the importance of talent and the need for having the same in their team. They are not arrogant about their success and humble enough to give others an opportunity too. Also, they aren’t shy about seeking help others.

So to be successful, don’t shy away fro seeking help from someone who could potentially help you, just pick up you phone, dial the number and seek help from whosoever can help you achieve your dreams.

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3. Coy about their Passion

Successful people are shamelessly passionate and open about their ambitions and dreams. They know that passion is contagious and an excellent model for enthusiasm. Hence, they never shy away from showing the slightest glimpse of their passion.

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4. Abandon their dreams

“Cowards never start, the weak never finish and winners never quit”. Successful people never stop trying no matter how difficult things get. There exists no word like “giving up” or “impossible” in their dictionary, even when they are at their wits end, they believe in a going an inch extra, trying a bit harder and pushing one’s self a bit further. The extra effort they put in makes them “extra-ordinary”. Quitting is a sure-shot success killer, avoid it any cost.


5. Focus on their weakness

Successful people don’t fret over their weak points. Instead, they develop their strengths. They know the value of time and they use it wisely enough to build on their capabilities and take time to reflect on their core abilities and figure out a way to expand them and refine them throughout life. They don’t let their weakness convince them that they aren’t strong enough.

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6. Let others become the CEO of their life

Successful people write and rewrite their own life story and don’t let others do it for them. They realize that they can’t waste their time in advance; hence, they end up crafting their own life story and draft their plan of action in advance, to make the best use of time.

If you wish to be successful, then chalk out your own life story and build a plan of action that will help you get thee. Remember the mantra, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”, ultimately making you realize that you’re the only one who can make your dreams come true. So act like a catalyst of your own dreams.

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7. Stop developing their talents

Unsuccessful people strive to learn, whereas the successful ones learn to thrive. They are on a completely different high about life; they never stop learning on honing their skills and talents. They believe in becoming the best version of themselves and never settle down for less than perfect.

To be successful one must continuously focus on developing their talents and skills and mastering it to an extent where they only thrive to become the best versions of themselves.

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8. Boggle down by failure

Isn’t it true that life’s biggest setbacks also bring with them life’s biggest opportunities? Successful people don’t let setbacks and failure’s get to them. They view failures as an opportunity that taught them what to not do, henceforth. They don’t view it as failure; rather maintain perspective that failures are nothing but stepping-stone to success.

To be successful one must realize that failure will be a part of the journey and those who have failed more than others are also the same people who completely lived their life compared to others.

From having an optimistic view about things to the perseverance to accept change and the ability to be generous yet vigilant, these small yet effective habits of successful people don’t require major life overhauls. To become successful all you need to do is imbibe small tweaks of these habits, slowly but steadily in your routine lives. Remember, these small habits have the potential to generate the most effective results.

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