Stop the Blame Game – Take the Ownership of Your Mistakes!

Committing a mistake is not the problem, real trouble starts with the blame game! Life goes through many rough patches due to circumstances or wrong acts of past and present. Some acts may not be wrong but the time will prove them wrong due to several reasons that may not be under anybody’s control, and this is when the BLAME GAME begins!

Since childhood I have witnessed this blame game and have participated in it too either as offender or defender, but one thing that I have realized is that this game has no WINNER – This game only decides LOSERS!

“When you blame others, you give up the power to change yourself” – Being Caballero

Many of us may have seen the relationships breaking, friends fighting, or the love stories ending as a result of blame game but the main hazard of this game is that it blocks your positive change. Even if it changes you as a person then it is for worse.

“More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.” – Harold J. Smith

Everybody learns from his or her mistake. When a baby learns to walk, she falls several times but in a process she would learn to balance. If the same baby would have stopped trying considering it as her parents’ mistake then – Was it possible for her to walk? No! Similarly, life takes us through a roller-coaster ride sometimes due to our own negligence or mistakes but the one who understands the mistakes would be able to avoid the same in future, while the one looking for a person to blame will always find better excuses but no solution.

“Some people are not sorry because they did it, they are sorry because they got caught!” – Anonymous

One of my good friends recently committed the same mistake fourth time and was sorry for it too – What went wrong in her case? Herself! Saying sorry doesn’t mean that the mistake is admitted but it just means that you don’t want to drag the matter further. In my friend’s case too, it was just an attempt or a face saver. The sorry was verbal and without any emotions attached. She was getting another chance every time she said fake sorry and hence she never changed as a person. This may sound good to her but soon there would be a situation where she won’t get another chance and even a willingness to change won’t help her then.

“Stop the blame game. Stop! Stop looking out of the window and look in the mirror!” – Eric Thomas

Blame game would give pleasure of being perfect as your mistakes will get hidden behind somebody but that pleasure is short lived. My neighbor always had a big fight with her Mom in Law and the reason was never so crucial, but yet there relationship soared over a period of time. They kept on blaming each other over petty issues and sometimes the fight would go beyond control. The arguments and counter arguments to prove who was right had slowly taken a toll on their relationship. Both knew the issue and the solution too but their wish to be superior kept them trapped in a dirty blame game. Today they are not with each other and even many other relationships were spoiled in the process but still nothing has changed – They are blaming each other for this disaster.

The feeling of being superior or perfect would come to you naturally when you know where you are going wrong. The scope for improvement would be very well-defined to those who know that they need to improve. People who are constantly engaged in showing the faults to others would miss out on very crucial part of their own lives – Self Realization! If you still don’t know where you are wrong or what has made your life so tough then evaluate yourself, you will surely get the answer!

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