Stop Saying, Start Doing – 10 Mantras For Success

Every person defines success differently. Whatever might be your definition but the truth is, like everyone, you want it too! To achieve success, you should know that standards cannot be lowered; you have to raise the bar and keep at it, all times. Presenting some mantras for success that will help actually enable you to elevate your standards.


Success Never Happens by Chance, Work for it.

No doubt that few things in life may happen by chance. For the rest, why wait? Obviously, you cannot. Work towards achieving your goals. If you live by chance, you also live in fear, confusion and anxiety. If you live to work for your dreams, you live a stable and successful life.

Mantra #2

Do Not Fear Failure

Eliminate the word “failure” from your dictionary. There is no such thing as a downfall. If you try, either you succeed or you learn. If you fall 10 times at something, it is 10 lessons learnt.

Success does not depend on how high you go; it depends on how high you bounce back when you hit the bottom. This is the most important mantra. Organize your emotions. Look at your setbacks differently. They are nothing but the case studies for you to try again.

Mantra #3

Discover Your Inspiration

Another important aspect is to get inspired constantly.  Find a reason as to why do you desire the thing you are working for. Connect your emotions with your work and success. Every step that a human being takes is a contribution to some aspect of this world. Be conscious of your contribution; this will keep you inspired.


Mantra #4

Avoid Conflicts

Learn to get along with people. To handle different situations, we need different people. This is the most important formula of success.

Learn to do things that you hate, be with people that you do not like, and learn to live your life sensibly.


Think ‘Out of the Box’

Don’t be afraid of new and weird ideas. Come up with them; they may have the potential to change the lives of many.


Always Be Positive

You must have heard it many times and yes, it works. Believe in yourself and stay positive. If you have a right mental attitude, there is nothing that can stop you from accomplishing your goal.

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Work Hard

Don’t be afraid of working hard. Keep in mind that you are not going to achieve your aim unless you drench yourself in work beyond the capacity of normalcy.

Mantra #8

Follow You Heart

Have the courage to follow your heart. Your heart knows what you want and what you don’t. Do what your heart says. Everything else is just secondary.


Accept Criticism

Have a heart to listen to those who criticize you. Take it positively and it will help you to improve. It will make you work even harder and prepare more.


Surround Yourself with Successful People

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It is encouraging when you keep yourself in the company of successful people. You learn about their journeys and struggles. Moreover, they can give you the finest advice whenever required.

Bear in mind that success does not guarantee happiness. Many people think that once they achieve their aim they will be happier. They are often mistaken. Success does not always bring happiness. Remember, it is the path you follow for success that makes you content. Mere achievement and fulfilment of goal does not make one happy.

Stay alive, stay focussed, stay happy.

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