Startup Essential Tech Tools for 2016

It is no mean job for the startups to make their presence felt in the market, what with the widespread competition. However, thanks to some of the latest tech tools, spreading awareness and getting oneself noticed has definitely become easier.

If you are wondering what these tech tools are, they are definitely what every startup in this day needs to make use of.

Thugs give you an insight into some of the best tech tools for 2016 that would in tandem with the startups.

Internal Communication

When it comes to a startup, effective communication among team members is extremely crucial. Using tools like Slack, Facebook and Yammer would ensure that the communication among the employees within the firm is free flowing and at the same time transparent.


In the modern times, the process of sending emails has completely been refurbished, making it a much more of a convenient option for effective communication. With Google and Microsoft having launched high tech email providers, sending and receiving emails and keeping track of these has become much easier.

Managing and Collaborating Projects

Keeping the whole team in tandem with an ongoing project and assigning tasks to everyone can be made easy using various project management tools like Trello, Asana and Wunderlist. A perfect choice for large teams, using this tool ensures that all the members are well aware of the project status and what is their role in the whole set up.

Wireframing Tools

When creating a website in collaboration with a team, it is always easier to use wireframing tools that would give a fair idea as to how the end result would look like. Tools like Balsamiq and Mockflow can be used to enter a wireframe which would give a clear picture of how the website would look when completed. This would give all the members a clear idea of what they need to do to accomplish their part of the job.

Monitoring Apps

While test running a newly developed app, you may have to rope in a few customers to try it out. You need to keep an eye on the app while it is being used by the customer to ensure that it works properly. Using tools like Sentry, Pingdom and Uptime Robot, you can always keep an eye on the app and would be notified when the user comes across any problems.

Hosting New Apps and Website

Developing a new app or website is just half the battle won. In order to ensure that more people take notice of it, what you need is a hosting tool. One of the most common hosting tools that is mainly used by most of the startup companies is Amazon Web services.


Analyzing the user reaction to new websites and apps would give a clear idea as to what works and what does not. Using analytical tools like Google Analytics and Flurry would make it easier for your startup to analyze this conveniently irrespective of the platform.

Customer Support

As a startup, you need to ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with the services provided by you. A round the clock customer support is what is needed to keep an eye in customer reactions and needs. Zendesk, User Response and Fresh Desk are some of the tools that give you a clear picture of the customer’s responses to your website or apps. Also using tools like Olark, Chatlio and Smoochh will enable the customers to chat with you in real time and address their problems directly.

Managing the Social Media

With social media marketing being the end game, keeping all the social media accounts in sync is extremely important for your startup. With tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, managing the accounts on different social media networks is made easy.

Other than the aforesaid tools there are a number of tools to keep an eye on your finances and to integrate all the important files at one place. Using these tech tools would ensure better transparency in your startup, thereby simplifying the whole management process.

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