Social Selling – a Must have for StartUps

The new era of Start Up revolution is here. If you are a part of this phenomenon, let me earnestly congratulate you. This is your first step to pursuing your passion in friendly eco systems that co-exist with one another. Simply put, you are now traversing in the giant Titanic of many small to medium establishments on their way to individual successes. There is a lot to be ingested, shared and worked towards along with your peers here.

Social presence is one of the key elements for any Start up system in this day and age. That being said, this is not just about having a swanky Facebook page with striking promotional posters and adverts. This is not even about having close to 3000 followers on Twitter within 30 days of opening. There is more at stake here. Getting the business and scaling up for one.

So what have you done about social selling for your brand? You may have a plethora of ideas, some even breakthrough kinds. You are definitely headed the right direction if that’s the case. Let us help you extend this idea a little further.

Social Selling – Creating effective client networking and prospects

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If you are a start-up and are on the social media, it is but for one simple reason; creating and attracting more business for your company. Gone are the days of traditional marketing, where hard selling really mattered with personal interactions. Today, social media does 90% of the sales job for you. Only if you know your targets and the approach rather accurately.

Delivering and Talking About Your Work

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There are those enterprises that already deliver more business than they need to at the onset of the start-up. And there are those that need constant and effective pitching to draw in the sales. The social presence of your start up largely depends on where you stand as a business. Identify your end game clearly and strategize the social selling accordingly. If you think that revealing the work done for the clients will not jeopardize your prospects, go ahead and showcase your deliveries online. If not, identify patterns of branding and communication that affirm the inner potential of your business.

Excellent Mode for Networking

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There is no such thing as an instant wind fall in business. But networking helps line up few things in order. Social selling attracts a lot of traction and interaction with peers, colleagues, and existing as well as future clients. You never know if the next mega project is about to soon fall into the kitty. No sweat over those chatty hi and hellos, as long as the operations do not get affected.

Understanding how your business reaches out

Keep tabs on how much the social selling is directly impacting your business. While there are definite tangibles in the form of lead generation, also look out for how often your business is being discussed across the social media platform. Facebook already throws in an option called X number of people talking about your business. Understand the most responsive demographics and keep tabs on the population that largely seeks your services.

More often than not, promoting your start up as a brand is directly driven by your instincts and creativity. It is quite okay to go a little crazy and overboard while selling on the social media. Understand that you are there to take back some deals and make a difference to the lives, one way or the other.

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