Social Media Trends and Updates for Q2-17!

A quarterly publication on social media trends and brand insights brought to you by The Social Lights.

Social media is constantly evolving. Updates and new features continually reshape how users engage across platforms, and the day-to-day headlines are a barrage of buzzwords and taglines. How is one supposed to keep up? Answer: Let us do the heavy lifting.

Every 3 months, we bring you the top updates and trends from around the social media industry. We dig in, pull key themes, and provide insight on what platforms are up to, where they’re headed, and how you and your brand can stay ahead of the curve on social media. So, let’s get to it. What went down in Q2?

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I am a Social Media addict. Creative Social Strategist, Professional presentation & pitch designer. I believe that your presentations should inform and persuade, in a way that’s easy for the audience to absorb and retain your message. My articles will cover business presentation, best practices and best of Slideshare that help you achieve these goals, with an emphasis on design approach and visual communications.