Six Symptoms That Confirm You Are a Serial Entrepreneur!!

You are now an entrepreneur. Basically, you know what that precisely entails. You understand your pattern with respect towards progress for your business. But what if you are not just ‘one’ entrepreneur. What if you are many of them in one frame and still don’t know it.

Most of us in the space called social entrepreneurship are serial psychos. Hold it!! Before you jump to any kind of conclusions, we are discussing about what it takes to be a serial entrepreneur.

Speaking in plain terms, you could actually be a serial entrepreneur and are getting there. But how do we know if we are on a spree? Well, here are some of the classic ‘symptoms’ that serial entrepreneurs exhibit. They would love to go on and on, without cutting slack for themselves. This is one addictive and infectious ride.

Six symptoms that confirm you are a serial entrepreneur

You are always thinking about the next venture


Yes, serial entrepreneurs are constantly looking and seeking newer avenues. They explore the ongoing industry and the available resources who are in the best of their game. They convert some of the lapses into potential business ideas and put notes on a brand new pitch deck. Serial entrepreneurs eat, sleep and think new businesses all the time.

You look at everything as the next best investment idea


Yes, if you are a serial entrepreneur, you are forever creating newer business ideas in your mind looking at the existing needs in the society. This could be a service or a product. Perhaps a break through app technology that will change lives. A serial entrepreneur is indefinitely wanting to make a difference with better and profitable offerings.

You look at everyone as an opportunity


Yes, this is inevitable. You will have a sticky habit of observing people and the prospects they hold. You plan on to bring them into the loop by way of strategic partnerships. You are also most likely, watching the famous ‘Shark Tank’ series with devotion. A great business idea is everybody prerogative and more so yours, if you are a serial entrepreneur.

Your Personal Life is So Goofed Up

girl sitting

Yup, if the personal life is taking a severe hit, unless you are a superhero, this means you are always working. You are working on the weekdays, weekends, day in and day out towards new and existing businesses. Like migraine, nobody will understand your new unruly side. You find yourself talking about your work all the time, even at the family do’s, pissing your partner off. You have too much to ponder and ingest about, other than personal relationships.

You are always well informed


As a serial entrepreneur, you are always reading up and absorbing facts. Learning new outcomes and contemplating over the possible ventures ahead. You are well informed in almost all fields of industry, and you simply keep getting better. Being a serial entrepreneur is healthy for your mind.

You Create another Serial Entrepreneur


Your passion and addiction towards business and ideas will impact those around you. You will also willfully enable and empower other people with a potential to start thinking in your lines. That way, you open up doors for their prospects and expand livelihoods. These resources will also think joined up and collaborate with you into several projects, going for the kill. A serial entrepreneur will create three more of the same kind with a high end infectious thought process that is all about business.

If you are exhibiting the above pattern with business, productivity and turning ideas to reality, you are by all means a serial entrepreneur. We have only one thing to say. Go infect others!!

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