Six Great Hollywood Flicks From 90s with Lessons on Entrepreneurship

Films and lives have great connection. Majority of us are often heavily influenced by either movies or books. Visual medium usually attracts more attention than books. This is because there is an impactful story, actors who deliver on screen characterization and the whole audio effect with the background score.

For years, Hollywood has been producing a large number of films with an educated message as its core. Among these films are some really memorable ones that have been released in the 90’s and the early 2000. These films are a stand out because of their powerful underline that covers some of the prominent features surrounding entrepreneurship.

Here are six such films made in the 90’s with loaded messages on the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Speed – Act on your escalations as a team


So, there is a bomb on the bus. This sensational action film starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock is all about acting on the crisis – as a team. There are little or no resources, the driver of the bus is severely injured and we are running out of time to rescue the stranded passengers.


While running a startup, there would be moments of escalations, failures and stressful situations. How you act on these as a team with limited resources and innovative thinking is what will work.

Independence Day – Rise up as a leader and as a team















One of the all-time favourite films about alien invasion, Independence Day has more lessons for entrepreneurs than anybody else. The danger, the planning, the deadline and the power of team work – all of these have been powerfully conveyed in this film. The best part is the obviously scintillating speech from the on screen US President, Bill Pullman.


There would be dangers in the sea once the business starts its operations. There would be competitors trying to invade your space. Time comes when you have to stand up as a leader, gather all the resources you have and make your team deliver their best shot. There are no two ways about that!

Twister – Try, try and try till you succeed











Twister is a remarkable film, mainly because of the main female protagonist, Jo, who never gives up. Helen Hunt dazzles in her performance. The story of a scientist who invents a device called Dorothy to predict sudden unforeseen tornados. Jo never gives up despite the repeated failures and finally succeeds in the middle of great dangers.


Do not give up when your Start Up is in troubled waters. Try till your last migt to make things happen. If not, try one more time!

Jerry Maguire – The Power of perseverance is unlimited



You do remember that! The striking story of a 32 year old sports agent portrayed by heart throb Tom Cruise goes down the history as one of the most significant Hollywood films of all times. Sports agent Jerry Maguire is a continuous failure, until he decides to take things into his hands and persevere towards success. Magic happens in the end.


Never back down despite being labelled and judged as a failure. Some of the greatest successes happened from the ashes of miserable failures.

Air Force One – Be a Leader who is looked upon


Okay, the Air Force One is hijacked and it is all now in the hands of the dear President. Air Force One is definitely one of the favorites in the home DVD collection. The film is a stand out because of the essence of crisis management and strategy implemented by the central protagonist played by Harrison Ford.


When you are a leader, stay ahead of the pack and take care of them.

Armageddon – Even the rookies can make a difference to the world


A bunch of amateur rookies are chosen for a space mission. They embrace humiliation and ridicule to rise above and actually accomplish the tough mission.


It’s not about who you are. It’s about what you can do.

Movies can change the way world operates. They can also change the way you think as a rookie entrepreneur. Go on and watch these films of you haven’t already. And if you have, it’s time for the re run baby!

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