Sit Back and Create Social Media Designs without Skill

Nowadays, with most entrepreneurs getting to the social media networks to spread awareness about their products and services, the competition to get noticed is quite high. Thus, high quality visuals and designs are required to grab the attention of the prospective customers.

However, getting a professional to design the ideas can be a bit expensive. Something that is unlikely a viable option for the startup firms. So, what do you do if you need to create social media designs on a low strung budget? The good news is that you can design these without any external help and exclusive training.

Here is an insight.

Why you need Social Media Designs?

Most social media platforms these days focus on interactive content which is easy to understand and go through. Thus, with the news feed being literally clogged by such designs, any other kind of content may be lost in the rush. In order to get your content noticed, you too need to follow the crowd and post designs which are visually attractive and at the same time spread the word.

Getting the Images and Visuals Right

Before starting to create social media designs, it is important to understand that a design which is relevant for one platform may not work for the other. Thus, analyzing the kind of content suiting a particular platform is extremely crucial.

It is a good idea to focus on one social media at a time and designing the visuals for the same. Getting all the visuals ready and then deciding on which platform to post may be confusing and will even lead to botched up posts. The visuals that are designed should be such that they make sense even when posted or shared independently.

Types of Social Media Designs

Owing to the popularity of visual content, people have been experimenting with different types of content on social media. These include shareables, step-by-step visuals, videos and infographics. Depending on the type of platform, you can choose visuals which are best suited to it.

Tools for Visual Designs

There are a large number of tools that enable even the novices to create high quality visuals and that too without much effort.

Canva is one of the best tools which enables you to create great social media designs. With its wide range of stock images, choosing the most relevant images for your brand and then editing them to meet your needs is made easy, and that too at a nominal fee.

Relay is a visual creation tool that allows you to customize the available images to a certain level. However, the customization process is quite easy as you just need to make changes at one place and the tool automatically takes care of it throughout the design. This is one of the best suited options for visuals to be posted on Facebook and for podcasts.

DesignFeed has an impressive directory of preloaded images which are automatically converted into visuals based on the content or text that is entered by you.

In case you want similar tools for your mobile, go ahead and try out Phonto and Over which allow you to create great visuals on your smartphone. These tools allow you to add in various effects to your images or to alter the backgrounds and what not.

However, the latest to join the bandwagon, which is definitely causing some splash is Unsplash. With its high resolution images, this definitely seems to be grabbing the attention of the visual designers.

Creating visuals for social media network is definitely not as tough as it seems. In fact, with a bit of planning and the use of visual creation tools, you can create great visuals for your marketing campaigns at a low budget.


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