Siftr Weaves ‘Magic’

We love clicking and love being clicked. With the advent of sophisticated cameras in smartphones, clicking images has exploded like never before. Do you know on a daily basis, 2 billion images get clicked and shared worldwide? Most of the image clicking and sharing has moved to smartphones and this has given birth to the problem of plenty. Two engineers set out to solve this problem by using artificial intelligence and launched Siftr Labs last year. That’s my co-founder Mayank Bhagya and me.

We met while working in Adobe and wanting to startup, which played as a common thread in both of us getting to know each other better. Our passion rubbed on each other and before we knew it, we decided to join hands and launch Siftr with an aim to use AI to solve problem of increasing number of images in smartphones. The company commenced operations last year with our team brainstorming, designing, testing and debugging our product, which is now known as Magic Cleaner.

Magic Cleaner holds the solution to this problem of plenty. The app scans the photo gallery of smartphones to zero in on junk images and analyses all of your photos in batches and sorts them into categories such as memes, screenshots, scans, bursts, quotes and cartoons. Once all your photos have been sorted, you just have to review and can choose to delete all or few of the junk photos that the app has discovered.

Magic Cleaner was launched in May this year with an aim to use AI and deep learning algorithms to help users get rid of junk images from their phones. Within two weeks of launch, we knew we have hit a sweet spot with downloads increasing at a rapid pace from not only India but other countries like Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia. This encouraged us to roll out updates and new features of the app. In its current avatar, Magic Cleaner is available in 6 Indian languages – Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi. We have added new features like image suggestions within Whatsapp. A string of such updates has put Magic Cleaner in a leadership position in its segment and the app has emerged to be image assistant and curator for WhatsApp users.

Magic Cleaner

Since Magic Cleaner’s launch, we have built an archive of more than 10 crore images on our server, thus there is no need for users to upload their image gallery on an external server and worry about privacy being breached. On an average, the app analyses about 10 lakh images on a daily basis. The app is available in Play Store and App Store and we have seen close to two lakh downloads already.

Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing more updates and launch reward the users model also. Watch this space for more action.

Until then, continue sharing more & more fun stuff on WhatsApp, and keep your phone always clean. All you need is to get this Magic app from here –

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Romil is Co-founder, Siftr. He along with his passionate team has set out to help smartphone users clean their phones so that they can share more. Romil, an IISc graduate, started Siftr last year with his co-founder, Mayank Bhagya. He has previously worked for Adobe for more than a decade.