Seven Things NOT to do in Front of Your Clients

You have a business going on with even one client – feel proud about it, work hard on it, wait for it. For most businesses start off without actual operations running in volumes for months. The startup revolution is here, everybody is opening shops online – the first thing you should be proud about your rookie enterprise if nothing else, would be to have clients.

Complacency tends to set in once the business looks sizable. Once the business grows from 1 client to 20, and we are already shooting our heads off with arrogance. Don’t sweat it, this is a human tendency to do so.

The biggest challenge while running an enterprise remains to have a consistent approach as well as mannerism. The more you are in the good books, the better the future looks for your business.

Seven things that you should definitely NOT do in front of your clients, no matter how big or small they are!


Gloat about your OTHER tie ups

True, you are going steady with many agreements and increased deployments. This does not mean that you have to put on the act. Stop blowing the trumpet about other collaborations in front of your client. Make them feel equally important. Stay focussed on the deliveries, not on triumphs.

Acting BUSY in front of the new inquiries

You are swamped, you are neck deep in work and yes, you are crunched for time. The new client doesn’t want to know all that. All they want to know is whether you can deliver to their needs with the same intensity. Do not postpone those important conference calls, just because you are ‘enough busy’. They don’t care.

Throwing ATTITUDE Left, Right and Center

This is bound to happen with the thugs who will see a 20 percent profit margin or above. You will hear the inner satanic voices inside your head, such as “What do I have to prove anymore, I’m already rocking”, “If they want in, they can come, else off with them” This attitude will not fetch you consistent traction. More than that, expect the bad publicity to spread like a wild fire, putting out all the merits to fumes.


Not Listen to Your Conscience

Businessmen and conscience may sound overrated at times, but this definitely means something. Agreed, you are in the mean game of competition and have to bend sideways. However, letting go off your conscience completely leads to disastrous results. No matter how hard it gets, make sure to listen to your good conscience that doesn’t work on the basis of recharge.

Not Make your Client feel BETTER

Always make your clients feel comfortable, irrespective of what their association fetches. Some clients may be huge, some decent and other real small in terms of turnovers. But they all deserve the same respect once tied up with you. Follow this glorious principle and soon it will become the personality of your business, winning hearts.


Not Engaging in Constant conversations

You have to make it a point to interact with all of your clients on a constant basis. Even though the deliveries are smooth, make it a point to discuss the best practices for their business. Study their strengths and weaknesses and make a reach to offer better solutions.

Not making their business, your business

The best part of being in business is you will get a free hand. It is crucial to make your client business your business and deliver the best possible. If you do not do that, there is no reason why these clients should stick around.

Customer is the king. In a B2B scenario, client is your customer. Make him feel treasured.

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