Seven Habits of an Emerging Entrepreneur

“I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of not trying.”
– Jay Z, musician

An entrepreneurial client is brilliant at getting things done. In his previous position, people often approached him even from other departments – they knew if a challenging job was to be done – to give it to Todd (not his real name).

What made Todd so successful? These are a few things I noticed about his approach:

1. Todd knew what his strengths were and he totally maximized these.

Some of the words that best described him include being action-oriented, a thinker, and problem-solver, pragmatic, high energy, mental and emotional flexibility.

2. He was aware of his weaknesses but he did not dwell on these. He drew on others strengths and acknowledged them for this.

His focus was always on, “How do we make it happen!

3. He had a very positive, upbeat approach to life. “If you get lemons, turn it into lemonade” was a well-worn phrase.

He did not let small failures and impediments, which are inevitable on the way, stop him!

4. Todd would look at the issue and argue from multiple perspectives.

He did not accept the first seemingly good answer as the solution. He saw many options and possibilities. Rather than get stuck with the most easiest or obvious answer, he kept mulling.

He would talk to lots of different people gathering data and responses. “Doing my research” is what he said often.

5. He would then share his thoughts/ best solution with the various stakeholders not as the end but solicit their ideas and input along the way.

He would try and factor in peoples feelings and emotions although not always successfully.

6. He was comfortable with taking calculated risks; committing, taking action and course correcting as he went.

7. Most of all, what people most enjoyed about Todd was his infectious energy and sense of FUN.

This got people engaged, doing the work and having copious fun along the way!

Todd’s over-riding philosophy: “If you have to get something done, get on and do it; don’t just talk about it endlessly!”

How about you? What works for you?

I rather like the Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now!”

Jasbindar Singh

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