Saudi’s PayFort is Easily the Nextgen in Payments!!


PayFort has recently introduced a new feature into the FORT payment solution in order to make payments easier in Saudi Arabia.

It is a reputable and trustworthy Middle Eastern payments company owned by Souq. SADAD payment system is used by the company so that merchants who use the Fort option can provide the customers of the country the facility to deduct the purchases from their bank accounts by adding Sadad account.

This implies that integration of one API and the online stores is the only thing eCommerce traders need to do so that they can add bank account payments in the list of choice of payment methods for online consumers.

Sadad was introduced almost a decade ago in the year 2004 by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency as an electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) service to make the time consuming and exhausting bill payments system via banks easier.

Managing director of PayFort, Omar Soudodi has shared that Saudi enterprises will be able to cater to the needs of an even bigger consumer base after the recent change. Customers would be able to pay through their own bank accounts and traders too would be able to offer that facility easily. Bank account holders would benefit a lot with the launch of SADAD for eCommerce in Saudi Arabia.

According to PayFort Saudi Arabia country manager Muteb Alobeiwi, Saudi businesses are taking to online payment processes to a great extent in the present times. As a result of the integration of Fort and Sadad account, businesses would be able to accept payments from more customers, thereby generating more profits. It supports payment leaders like MasterCard, Visa, American Express and CASHU.

Fort product of PayFort is actually a payment gateway for online traders through which they can handle processing and back transactions. Also, different fraud tools and local payment facilities like Fawry in Egypt, NAPS in Qatar and Sadad in Saudi Arabia are also included in the same.

Besides high-volume bill payments such as utility bills and phone bills, eCommerce trading would become all the more efficient and manageable in the country with the help of this wonderful initiative.

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