Sales Tips for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Finally, your great idea has turned into business – congratulations you are an entrepreneur now – what next? Well this is the start of your entrepreneurial journey in the real sense. Imagine you had this excellent idea of creating a car that’s better than any luxury car in the world. You create one too but what happens next if there are no sales? You don’t have anything! Sales is what validates your idea, your business – it’s one of the most critical thing with regards to establishment of a business.

What happens when your sales numbers are low? The reason could be anything; right from issues in marketing campaign to wrong sales strategies or even timing or competition in the industry.

Until and unless you are funded and you have a lot of money to burn – this no sales or less sales syndrome becomes a very serious concern. It’s frustrating and trust me there are many other entrepreneurs who are facing the same heat. So here are few ways and means to squeeze out some extra sales for your business.

1. Focus on Lead Generation Activities

Only when you have a good looking funnel you can expect awesome sales to happen. Be it a word of mouth lead generation – which is commonly known as referrals or be it using various online / offline means to generate leads. The objective should be more sales! Period. Reach out to your friends, family or colleagues – seek referrals!! Pitch your solutions and Bingo – Sales will happen!

2. Participate in Events

This is one amazing way to reach out to the prospective customers. Events are a great opportunity to showcase your business to people & organizations that your sales people cannot reach otherwise! Be relevant as a speaker at any of these events, show how could your company add value and create benefits for the customers. You never know what you speak could get you a prospective customer.

3. Upsell / Cross sell – ensure your leverage!

Reach out to your existing set of customers with some upsell / cross sell opportunities! Could be other products or an upgraded version of your product & service that they have already bought from you. Trust me some customers are clear prospects for repeat and referral business! Go catch them!

4. The Social Media Marketing

Undoubtedly Social Media platforms are the most cost effective tools for advertising your business and boosting sales. Engage your prospective buyers with relevant content, try video content for marketing your campaign. Video has the highest conversion due to its unique ability to engage the audience both with visual graphics and audio. Adding video to a landing page can actually increase conversions by 84%. There are other stats that prove that video content marketing has the best ROI.

5. The WOW Factor

Create loyal customers! Add value, show them benefits, go beyond the obvious and surprise them with the WOW Factor. It could be anything from consulting to on time delivery to connecting them with people who need their business. Just do a wow and in return you will have them with you in your struggling times.

Hopefully these ideas if implemented well will give you enough cushion to support sales. Always remember that there is something frighteningly adventurous about starting a business. Just don’t quit!

If you walk away – if you quit – quitting will become easier and easier for the rest of your life.

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